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My DMs were made for wearing

Dr Martens

Ever since becoming a blogger, attending Cybher, I had my eyes on a pair of DMs.

DMs were something of my youth. I think I started wearing DMs when I was 14. I remember owning a pair of steel-toe capped DMs when I was in uni, and then after that I stopped.

Because I started wearing heels in a work environment.

Admittedly I like to think my heels aired on the side on unconventional, as wedges, favouring brands such as Fly. But generally, as I do think is common with all heels, favouring the side of uncomfortable.

After what seemed like forever, I finally decided a pair of DMs would be on my Christmas list. 

Father Christmas brought me a pair of Aimilita boots and I loved them.
So much so, as it was January, I decided I might get away with wearing them to work.DMsI maybe thought it wasn’t appropriate, but I offset this with the fact I was leaving.

People commented on my boots. As many comments with love for the ribbon laces. But appropriateness seemed to underpin commentary.

I carried on wearing them.

And applied to stay at work.

It’s November and I’m still wearing my boots (I did put them in ‘time out’ over the summer).

I asked for another pair for my birthday (which I’ve yet to wear to work), and I’ve another pair on my Christmas list, and another pair on request from Father Christmas.

Of course I know DMs aren’t flattering.

And I know if I could be bothered to wear heels they would elongate my leg and no doubt make me feel better about my body image.

But as I pound the streets, using public transport, finding my way to where I need to be, DM’s don’t make my feet hurt. I don’t end up with blisters or aching feet. 

And I don’t have enough space to carry a spare pair of shoes, if I thought this was necessary.

I keep thinking about whether DMs look professional. And I offset this with the idea that I could dress so professionally and have zero knowledge- so why does appearance matter. I have to offset, because I wonder what I think about people turning up wearing DMs, and can’t get past thinking I’d respect them, so I have to think the opposite.

My first job where I work saw me paid a management salary without ‘manager’ in my job title. Everyone judged by your job title, and it was your competence that earned respect. And I do have manager in my job title now, indicating competence maybe, but I will always be judged on my input.

Today as I presented to my customers, I was introduced as wearing DMs. It was banter we had in the run up to the day. I was working away all week and couldn’t be bothered carrying heels, just to stumble over. We use the word ‘kick off’ a lot at work, as in ‘kick off discussions’, although this really is as likely to mean ‘kick off’. So I joked beforehand and on the day as this being the rationale for wearing boots. 

And it is the reality that I am more comfortable, I know wearing a dress with DMs only accentuates them. And yes, this is a deliberate choice (I can’t find trousers I like).

But does it matter?

I’m memorable.

But more importantly I’m competent.

My presentation went well. No blood was lost.

I was complemented on my presentation, across the board.

And I don’t think it had anything to do with my appearance.


I really should order those DMs I’ve had my eye on, right?DMs



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