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Good Morning Berocca

Life before Children. My annual leave was used for holidays. Escaping. Relaxing. 

Roll on life with three children. I use my annual leave sparingly for study days and extravagantly for time off over the school holidays.

I plan days where we can chill out, and days where we can escape.

There is so little time to remember to rejuvenate, to feel like I’ve had enough sleep.

Gearing up for the autumn half term has been tougher than usual. A combination of time with the children, time in work and studying. And it’s hard-core. Missing my rejuvenation.

Somehow I managed to organise the best half term for CM. From seeing Little Mix, to stashing her in my bag whilst working with London so we could take in the sights over a few days, shipping her off for a trip with the Cubs, and back in time for her friends to arrive for a sleepover.

Throw in making sure her brothers aren’t left out. Which mainly involves hanging around football pitches, skate parks and trampolines. Drinking BeroccaSo you can understand why I turned to Berocca?

Berocca is the UK’s number 1 energy vitamin, packed with 8 B vitamins.

And it’s working well with me trying to take better care of myself as I count down to my 40th. Trying to make sure that every bit of me is there in time for this milestone.

I’m appreciating that knocking back energy drinks, topping up with coffee, is doing little for me.

Turning to Berocca means I’m getting good things to get me through the day. I’m hoping, as mornings and evenings get darker, that the vitamins in Berocca will do their bit.

Already I’ve been a little surprised by the impact of Berocca. I found myself with so much energy- and I’m coherent. The difference between Berocca and energy drinks so far seems to be that Berocca offers sustained energy, and I don’t feel like my speech is running away with itself (essential when trying to remember a child’s name or articulate an amazing idea in work). 

This is because Berocca works with your body. It helps to release your natural energy rather than a stimulated boost.

One of the better things about Berocca is that there’s choice. Like a good coffee, from time to time there’s a need for a slight change. Berocca comes in a few flavours, and popping into Boots I was pleased to see the effervescent tablets on a 3 for 2 offer, so I popped the Mango, Orange and Mixed Berries flavours into my basket. 

The other plus is that the 15-tablet packs come in a handy tube, perfect for handbags and luggage. This makes it so easy for me to add them to my daily routine as it doesn’t matter whether I’m home or away.Berocca flavoursA recommendation I would offer is to take Berocca as part of your breakfast routine. Not like me, as part of your 11am routine. I don’t do breakfast, but taking Berocca later in the day seems to give me a more concentrated energy. The real benefit of Berocca has been taking them first thing, just with a glass of water

I have found myself ready to take on the housework, football sessions, craft activities and study. And laughing. 

I don’t mind whether I’m laughing with the children or listening to them laugh. Both fill me with so much happiness. Shouty mum never gets to hear either of these. Mum who has a million other things that needs to get sorted doesn’t get to appreciate the laughter.

And I’m hoping that the vitamin B5 (which supports mental performance) will continue to help my study. I’m not sure any vitamin will enable me to get the boys names right when their backs are turned.

It’s only a small change in my routine, but so far it is making a difference.

I may not have enough hours in the day. But Berocca is giving me the energy to live the hours in the day, appreciating and enjoying them.BeroccaDisclosure: This is a collaborative post. All views and opinions contained are my own.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    October 30, 2017 at 08:06

    I need to try this, I’m flagging at the moment between the children, home and work. I don’t drink tea or coffee but am all to reliant on energy drinks to keep me going – which food course they don’t.

    • Reply
      November 7, 2017 at 14:39

      It’s like the holy grail of keeping plates spinning isn’t it? I’m also trying to drink herbal teas in the afternoon to stop me from flagging.

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