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An end is in sight

The end is in sight

November 15th 2017. We were called to a meeting in London. Given my team work remotely, for efficiency, I thought I’d schedule performance reviews around the meeting.

Particularly badly planned as the meeting was to let us know that our jobs were being ‘rebranded’. We’d now be office-based, in a location which meant no member of my team, including me, would be able to continue employment.

Trying to do a performance review after that was far from easy. Fortunately, I have a fantastic team.

November 15th 2018, with no more knowledge than on that day, I woke up in a Travelodge in London and instinctively turned BBC News on. Knowing that it would be the news on Brexit which would severely impact my day.

My sole purpose for being in London was due to the commitment of the Secretary of State for Education announcing further news of my project. The day before we had been given the heads up that timings were changed, and the ability for the visit to happen could be further impacted.

By 1000 we were clocking up the resignations. It became evident that my additional overnight in London was likely to be for nothing. I decided to put my neck out and say if we hadn’t received confirmation by 1330, I would be heading to Paddington to get the 1415 to Cardiff.

Of course, at 1325 we received confirmation, in-spite of our pessimism, that the visit would go ahead. Albeit with another reduction in time spent on site. But, yes, wow. On the day the government and the UK appeared to be heading to its lowest point, there was a window of opportunity to appreciate some hope.

And I learned so much in this process.

Whilst a year ago, my husband listened to the news, and became my biggest advocate- whatever I thought best would be possible, staying or leaving South Wales for Peterborough would be possible.

To now. Where we’ve realised that we have far more to lose in leaving South Wales than we would gain. Family, friends and freedom are our greatest assets. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful part of our country.Still Me, London and a Biker JacketIn the meanwhile, my year has flown. I have been given so much opportunity. This project wasn’t on my radar until February. And from a concept being placed in front of me for consideration, it has been turned into reality, with agreements in place to make it happen. I have turned some initial thoughts on a piece of paper into the reality of so many. I did this.

Imposter syndrome notwithstanding. I have also found a fantastic team to adopt my baby. And whether that allows me to move on to the next thing or accept redundancy, the options are open.

There is irony. Whilst I have chosen to invest less in myself, by dropping out of uni, my organisation has invested more in me. Letting me lead on a project of strategic importance, letting me jump and having faith that I have a good parachute in those around me. And we’ve succeeded. And I am ridiculously proud.

My wonderful world of blogging has been compromised in the process.

I am fortunate that I had worked on other similar work projects, but none have affected my blog to this extent.

My children no longer nap in the day.

I spend my weekends sorting Lego and laundry.

I’m tired of writing posts about not blogging.

But do hope the window is still open to write random stuff.

And to celebrate.

Because last week my imposter syndrome was through the roof.

This week I just need a hug. 

I may be redundant, but I (and an amazing team) did this.

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