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Becoming twins in separate classes – a month in

Becoming twins in separate classes

We have the first month under our belts. And I know I have to touch wood and do all the superstitious things associated with not tempting fate, but I think we made the right decision. Our twins in separate classes is the right choice for our twins.

In September the boys began a new chapter in their education. As they moved into year 1 they also moved into separate classes. Oh my, I found myself tearing up all over again.Becoming twins in separate classesWhilst we made the decision last term and I was sure the school had remembered as the boys had already been introduced to their different new classrooms, it was something I forgot over the summer.

The holidays were enjoyable, with the children playing together so badly and so well. The end of the summer needed a deep breath, playtime was over. And as we walked in on the first day back, CM also got to go to a different playground as a Junior.

I took the boys into the Infants playground and was surprised to see that it was E that became clingy, with B full of beans for his new adventure.

E has been clingy generally of late, and it was nice to know I would be missed. I was surprised by the enthusiasm B had – over various conversations with both boys I wondered whether ‘the right twin’ had been chosen to start out in a new class.

Over the course of these first few weeks it was reinforced that we had made the right decision on both counts. B it seems is fed up of E wanting hugs at break time. B has made a rule that the different classes are not allowed to play together just to prevent this. E has been getting lots of school points for various things, and B has even managed to get a ‘Helpwr Heddiw’. B it seems is definitely the ‘less focused’ of the two, so it seems separate classes has allowed both to improve their behaviour and focus. This may be at separate paces,but it is at the same rate, and most importantly in both children it is in the right direction.Becoming twins in separate classesI’ve had no phone calls of injuries in the playground, which almost became a weekly ritual last year. At a time when enthusiasm is high and tiredness is always closing in, we’ve had no reports of poor behaviour in the classroom.

It feels like the boys are kinder to each other. That they do miss each other in the day, so they enjoy each other’s company in the evening. And it’s not quite as fraught.

The only thing which is more difficult is class parties. I’m already finding that we can’t be in three places at once. I’m also finding it difficult to explain why only one is invited, especially when it’s children who B still thinks of as friends. But that too, I’m sure will work its way out.

I have a huge sense of relief.

Separate classes aren’t for every set of twins.

Keeping siblings together isn’t for every set of twins.

But parental instinct should be equal in stature to that of a professional’s opinion. And I’m so grateful that the school my children get to thrive within has an approach which allows this to happen. Becoming twins in separate classes


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