And then, they were six

My twin boys are six

I’m sure it’s something to do with them being twins. (It has nothing to do with them being twins). I’m sure it has everything to do with them being boys, and being my babies. (It has everything to do with them being my babies). Where my boys are concerned, each birthday brings a ridiculous amount of joy, an amount of pride, and an amount of sadness- or maybe melancholy. My youngest are growing up. And there’s two of them. My twin boys are six.My twin boys are sixThis year it seems, more so, (and it’s more so every year) that I am loving them as individuals.

This morning was case in point.

Presents were laid out in the lounge.
Presents could be opened (together), once both had ate breakfast, got dressed, shoes included, brushed teeth and hair. 
Both B and E identified their main present.
B went straight for his main present. E saved his until last.
After they went to school, B cards were waiting to opened. E’s were all opened.
E was very concerned that B had more Lego sets than him. (Overlooking he had more Skylanders than B).
B was just concerned that his main present needed assembly where E was able to get stuck into his.
Because B had a remote-controlled BB-8, E had a Chewbacca mask.
E was upset he didn’t have anything remote-controlled, whilst wearing his Chewbacca mask. (How not to treat someone’s complaint seriously).My contradictionThe boys are great contradictions, as people are.

They both love Star Wars (and I have loved Christmas for the opportunity to make our way through each film).

They both love Star Wars for different reasons. For the droids, for the fighting, for the understanding of space, for the love of console games.

And now, in separate classes, their differences are even more evident. It is easier to see how they are distinguishing themselves in reading, writing, maths and friendships (definitely in no particular order). And how they are maturing in their friendships, and how much they now turn to each other as friends in the playground.

Like their sister, it is their kindness which overwhelms. More than their sister, it is their sense of justice which cheers me up.

Nothing quite gets the voice quivering like injustice. Nothing quite makes me think they’ll be amazing into the future because of their ability to negotiate ‘one last chance’.The middle childBecause despite the recognition of how much their individual characteristics are becoming more and more prevalent. There remains something beautiful. Because they are twins.

Where each other are concerned they have no sense of personal space.

Whilst they will often have a sleepover with their sister, they sleep alongside each other.

But whilst the boys have separate beds, more often than not they will end up in the same space, entwined.

A favourite joke is “Everyone needs a bottom for a pillow”. A reminder of a time when that’s how they would sleep.

When they watch tv, when they snuggle up for a story, there is no sense of each other’s personal space. They are one.

And of course, it’s never a permanent.

Currently B is the social outcast where B, E and CM are concerned. Whilst usually I have concerns are CM and B are so tight.

CM is clever. She may ‘only’ be a sibling but she is awesome as a leader. It is rare that she is the outsider looking in. And when this happens, the boys’ have no alliance to the other.

My boys.

A complete quandary.

One which I will never understand.

Nor do I want to.

I accept them as magic.

My mind is always blown away by science.
And being a mother to twins is no exception.

I am fortunate to be a mother to twins.

And I’d rather be grateful than to ever understand how I have two such beautiful individuals who are so very much multiple. 

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    January 13, 2017 at 11:38

    Happy birthday B and E! Six is such an interesting age they are full of wonder for the world, yet happy to point out the injustice of things too.
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Dr Suess, Clubland and Vegetables #LittleLovesMy Profile

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