Summer fun – through the eyes of 6 year-olds

Summer fun - through the eyes of 6 year-olds

There are those days when parenting just seems to be good. Ok, there’s definitely something in taking one child out of the equation. Things just suddenly seem not only manageable but fun. The chance last weekend to have summer fun – through the eyes of 6 year-olds was such fun. Albeit I’m pretty sure it exhausted me more than any week at work.Twins outside the SeneddMy 6 year-old twins were given the opportunity to decide how to fill three days whilst Mr J and CM were away. There was one constraint to their plans- there was a limited budget. The school holidays, home updates, and our imminent holidays have put pressure on our ‘disposable income’. 

The first bit of the plan was a little bit contentious. A trip to the cinema. The contentious bit wasn’t the price (we’ll come onto that), but their choice. The Emoji Movie. My parents put their foot down in favour of Despicable Me 3. CM really wanted to see it, so did the boys.

Negotiation done, we set off to the cinema. Via the petrol station, where I topped up on diesel and treats for the cinema. My first bit of cost saving. Sorry but not sorry where cinema pricing is concerned. And the second bit came with my student concession on ticket price. 

Job done. And the movie was a lot better than expected. We headed over to the Senedd. The children are always proud to take part in Remembrance Sunday and the boys are already looking forward to participating as Beavers this year.

Until the 24th September the Senedd is home to the Weeping Window sculpture.The sculpture is by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper, and comprises several thousand handmade ceramic poppies seen pouring from a high window to the ground below. It is breathtaking.Weeping window at the SeneddWe also went into the Senedd to see the sculpture from the other side. The great part of this for my 6 year-olds was having to go through a metal detector, so much excitement.

Being able to look down into the Assembly space meant we got to talk a little more about government and voting- which took our conversation a bit further away from Gareth Bale’s role as leader, I like to think fortunately. In these stonesWe walked back via the Millennium Centre, a favourite building for me. It became a favourite for the boys as well as there was a Mini convention outside which whiled a way a little more time.

We were intending to go to a Toby Carvery for lunch as I had managed to find a voucher where children eat for £1. The boys weren’t playing after seeing an advert for an Emoji Movie happy meal- with the cost the same, and their rules in place – they won.

We then headed home to do a few of the more mundane chores. We’re fortunate to live on the coast so our somewhat mundane chore of walking Miller and Chase comes with a handful of the breathtaking.

For the boys I agreed to added measures. B got to walk Miller and E got to take his scooter. And yes, I got to bring my camera.Rhoose Point Rhoose PointA few hours at the park and a barbecue saw a successful first day with less than £20 spent.

Day two aimed to be a little more cost effective- although it didn’t quite turn out to be the case. The morning football session was cancelled, which fortunately meant the request of a lazy morning.

We then headed down to the Knap for a monster bike riding session. It was a better session than I could have predicted. 

We started off with laps of the pyramid and then onto a lap of the Knap itself.The KnapAs we walked past the skate park I noticed there were only a few younger children so I called the boys back to see if they wanted to try it out. Oh my.Skate park at the KnapFearless doesn’t even begin to describe this one.

And whilst his brother had a few more reservations, the promise of an upgrade from a single to a double cone (bye, bye pennies) was incentive enough.We took a break at Romilly’s, an all-time favourite cafe, before heading back for more of the same. I was much better with caffeine in my veins.Returning home, we followed the same deal- dog walking with two scooters, a couple of hours at the park and movie night with a meal job done. Less than a tenner spent.

For day 3 we had a bit of luxury and headed to a local eatery for breakfast- where children eat free. 

We headed to Barry Island, and the time of day not only meant free parking but a really peaceful promenade.Beach huts at Barry IslandWhilst the boys were on their bikes, they had one destination in mind:Climbing wall at Barry IslandAnd it wasn’t too long before I was stood underneath trying to figure out how to catch them if they fell. Climbing wall at Barry IslandPromenade done we jumped in the car and headed back to the Knap. 

Fortunately for my Invincibles the skate park was empty and they had the chance to practice their skills. And this time B was taking the ramps in his stride.Bike ramp at the KnapMum came down and treated us to a light lunch (it doesn’t count when you’re not paying right?). And then we headed home.

A lazy afternoon took hold as the rain started to fall. But yes, less than a tenner was spent.

I’m so glad the boys and I had so much fun. I’m actually not sure, aside from baking and making, what we would have done if the weather had not been on our side. The boys obsession with their new-found biking skills also helped. 

Life has a habit of working out.Summer fun - through the eyes of 6 year-olds

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