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South Wales beaches – Rest Bay

CM on her bodyboard at Rest Bay

CM went on a school trip this year to Rest Bay in Porthcawl. It was followed by a school assembly where the children took over the Beach Boys classic with “Everybody’s gone surfin’, surfin’ at Rest Bay”. It really doesn’t get any better.

Admittedly, there was a little intrigue when the besties from Yorkshire were visiting and we were deciding where to go. And of course as soon as CM knew Rest Bay was on the cards. It was decision made.

Rest Bay is a really odd place. It has everything. Although it could probably have done without all the rocks to reach it. In saying that, it has a slipway and accessible path, but our enthusiasm to reach the beach knows no bounds.

We arrived just before 11 which for the day turned out to be perfect timing. We had brought food for a picnic (there is a cafe so it isn’t essential) and the car park is so reasonable. The tide meant we left just after 3, people do retreat to all the grass areas but we had made the best of our time so departed.

The best parts of the day?

It really is fantastic for sand castle building. We went bigger and better than the day before.Sandcastle at Rest BayFamily team work continued and the little people continued to be the best of buddies. Most of the time. Sandcastles at Rest BayWe remembered the wet suits and body boards, which meant everyone was a lot happier spending time in the sea. Although one of three still wasn’t coping with the taste of sea water.Daddy's girl at Rest BayCM was in her element. All of her favourite people around her.CM on her bodyboard at Rest BayA chance to let her skin become sun-kissed. Like I have never seen it. CM at Rest BayWhat wasn’t so good?

We lost E. 
Long enough for the gut-aching panic to sink in.
He had gone to the rock pools to get water for the moat of the sand castle.
And with hindsight, the ability to walk in a straight-line is more difficult when you’re little.
It seems he wasn’t phased. 
He wasn’t to know how much I had spoken in ‘that tone’ to hubby.
Because panic did strike.
We didn’t alert the lifeguard, even though they are high in visibility.
He strolled back just as we reached that point.
Later on we heard the calls over the tannoy for a lost children, it would have been ok.

And of course it’s forgotten.

Because we did have a great day.
And we have evidence.

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