Geronimo Festival 2017 at Arley Hall, Cheshire

Geronimo Festival 2017

From the 27th – 29th May, Geronimo Festival 2017 will be taking place at Arley Hall in Cheshire. Mr J and I are super excited about our plans to travel up North, we might even think about telling the children soon.Geronimo 2017 at Arley HallGeronimo is a family festival aimed at children under 13 and their families. Which makes it perfect for us. Even better 2017 sees the introduction of camping and glamping to Geronimo, so if Mr J was even wavering about a trip up North, camping completely swayed him.

I am so excited. The children have already been camping in the garden this year and are so excited for camping trips. Whilst I might not be able to get time of work this half term (university deadline also looming), I am so pleased that we can have this adventure to kick-start the holidays.

Even better for all three, Geronimo Festival 2017 comes with a theme- Princesses, Knights and Dragons. Something tells me we may be finding lots of dressing up outfits in the back of the car. 

The festival is focused on quality family time and imaginative play. With the aim of the festival to encourage families to play, learn and create magical memories together, I’m hoping to take so many photos to hold our memories but spend so much time being with my family.

Looking at the line-ups for each day, plans are already beginning to take place:

B’s love our dinosaurs and knowing Andy Day is there is job done.Andy Day at Geronimo Festival 2017E’s current obsession with Masterchef will be fed by Katy Ashworth.Katy Ashworth at Geronimo Festival 2017 And CM’s love of all things art, and current endeavour to draw foxes, will be enthused by Lloyd Warbey.

Lloyd Warbey at Geronimo 2017But this doesn’t even touch the surface, these are just some of the ‘headliners’ appropriate to my children’s age range (6-8).

Beyond the main acts, which also include Justin Fletcher, Mr Boom and Masha & the Bear is so much more.

I know the children will want to attempt to climb the Digiwall, play in the Junk Orchestra and try some outdoor adventures – CM has a current passion for archery so she will be so excited if this is in store.

And there’s so much more.

Whilst the main entertainment is from 11.00- 5.00, there is music until 9 each night. I am looking forward to dancing with them until it is (their version of) late. And settling for the evening on airbeds with my exhausted babies.

I’m also a little excited about a bit of outdoor living. This is written with the confidence that the Geronimo Festival has so much food on offer that hopefully we’ll just rely on cereal and coffee for breakfast in our tents, and everything will be al fresco.

What am I nervous about, honestly? No electricity for three days. I’ll get by, but it will be odd not to charge phone and camera batteries. And no showers. If you know me well you’ll know I don’t cope well without a daily pause in the shower. I haven’t spotted anything beyond toilets so far. Mr J did arrive home from a car boot sale with some bizarre camping shower- we may have to dig it out. Although I’m thinking no shower might be better than a cold shower.

I’m hoping this is the start of many camping festivals to come. There have been so many I’ve overlooked to date because I’ve been nervous about the children. But they are so excited at the thought of camping. Knowing what Geronimo has on offer I know they will be swinging from the rooftops or at least the guy ropes. Note to self- pack torches. 

And me and him, well, we get a trip up north. He gets camping, and I get a weekend away. 

Does it get any better?

Geronimo Festival 2017 takes place from Saturday 27th May to Monday 29th May, 2017 (with camping available from Friday 26th) at Arley Hall & Gardens in Norwich, Cheshire.

Tickets are available for day entry and camping via the website (with the best FAQs for everything I have ever read).

Disclosure: We have been invited to Geronimo Festival.

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