Appreciating London’s Cityscape with City Cruises

Appreciating London's Cityscape with City Cruises

I don’t think my love of London will ever be quashed. In fact sailing down the river with City Cruises only reinforced it. I’ve always dreamed of living in London, the closest I’ve been is Maple Cross. Which being a stone’s throw from Rickmansworth (right at the end of the Metropolitan line), I like to think counts.

Truth be told, it really doesn’t. Travelling to London most weeks with work pacifies me. I’ve grown to appreciate the best of both worlds. But the opportunity to introduce my children to the wonder of London will never grow old.City Cruises London EyeBeing invited to step aboard City Cruises reinforced the beauty of London’s Skyline. Whilst the London Eye still feels a new addition, it’s now seventeen years old. The less said the better.

Of other London landmarks I am allowed a sense of pride. Some of them were ‘my’ buildings. Really so far from mine, but they have a hold.

City Cruises The ShardThe Shard will never fail to astound me. A building which has so many different perspectives. I first saw the Shard as I climbed its construction shell, not wanting to tell the construction team about my precious cargo. Two babies now 6 year-olds appreciating this skyscraper.

Whilst seeing the skyline from the London Eye or The Shard may still cost a pretty penny, I was pleased to hear that an appreciation of London is still possible for those monitoring their finances. The Sky Garden, part of the Walkie Talkie Building (20 Fenchurch Street) offers a booking system to people wishing to enjoy a cityscape as far as the eye can see.City Cruises Cheese GraterAs well as the old, there is a love for the new.

We picked up City Cruises at Westminster. I was appreciative of the background of the Thames, of the gothic buildings I have loved, of the building which have more history than the names which provide their address.

There is so much to be said for the seaman which provide the services for City Cruises.City Cruises Big BenAlthough for these boys, I’m sure not really appreciating the importance of being the last to hear the chimes of Big Ben for some years to come.

Of not really appreciating Westminster, of Westminster Bridge. Because of everything which is, what has been and what will be.

Because the cityscape changes. More than life will appreciate.City Cruises One BlackfriarsThe towering OXO tower of my childhood is now overwhelmed.

I know, regardless of the height of buildings, I  appreciate the importance of the role of adults in my children’s life.

No matter how much I feel so far from adulting, parenting, and feeling any more confident amongst the height of buildings.

But the present respects the past. It must. We may have moved on from the era which needed the Tower of London, but fortunately my boys appreciate what happened within its gates. City Cruises London TowerI wanted so much to enjoy more of what City Cruises has to offer- of Grenwich and Lambeth. But on this occasion my sons’ appreciation of central London was too much to compete with.

If you know me well enough, you’ll know of my need to escape to Tower Bridge, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate how happy my sons were to appreciate this… City Cruises Tower Bridges

In a fast-moving pace… to whenever.

But for me… yes, Tower Bridge. 

Forever a bridge which is steeped in too much history, in too much architectural beauty, a bridge that (for me) that cannot fail to be appreciated.

And for me, thanks to City Cruises, this trip to London allowed me to appreciate it from a different perspective.  Tower Bride from City CruisesNot only did City Cruises offer a trip down the Thames. We also received a great background to the buildings which surround the Thames, of the bars, schools, and establishments.

And whilst we disembarked earlier than I would have preferred (thanks to the freewill of six year-old twins), I loved introducing them to the best of London.

Disclosure: We were invited to review City Cruises by Traverse. All views and opinions expressed are our own.

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