Wu Song – The Tiger Warrior at the Edinburgh Fringe

Wu Song - The Tiger Warrior

The Contemporary Hsing Legend Theatre (Taiwan) bring one of Chinese Literature’s best-known characters to the stage. Wu Song- The Tiger Warrior picks up to story of the martial arts master returning to his hometown. Combining Kung Fu, street dance, acrobatics and mime, Wu Song – The Tiger Warrior is a high energy production. Combining drama, romance and comedy to allow the audience to be engaged for the 55 minute duration.

The cast of four actors each bring a huge talent to the stage. Each drawing in different genres to create characters which draw the audience in. Within the world of Wuxia, Chu Po-cheng as Wu Song offers the strength and stature to establish the role of hero. Chu Po-Cheng’s acrobatics are breathtaking and in convincingly portrays the relationship of younger brother, enables the action of the story to unfold.

Wu Song – The Tiger Warrior takes its audience through the themes of deceit, seduction, injustice and vengeance. In seduction and deceit, there is a fortunate balance with humour. Through Wu Song’s older brother, played by Lin Yu-Yuan, comes the joy of someone who can laugh at himself- creating much more for the audience. In Lin Yu-Yuan’s comical characterisation, the utilisation of mime and the physicality creates the dwarfish being. 

In the role of Wu Dalang’s wife, Pan Jinglain is an interesting seductress. Jolin Huang creates the beauty and flirtatiousness of the role, and yet delivers with enough humour to ensure the audience to enjoy her stage presence. Her costume and foot binding spell-binding in creating the conviction of her beauty. With Shih Hong Jun embodying the roles of both the Tiger and Xiamen Qing, this strong cast is complete. The story enabling much comedy as the tiger goes from fearless to the facilitator of romance, and eventual pet.

Wu Song – The Tiger Warrior is a fantastic immersion in Chinese theatre and literature. The concoction of drama, comedy and physical theatre is breathtakingly entertaining.

Wu Song – The Tiger Warrior is at C venues as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can catch the show at 1800 until Saturday 18th August 2018.

Disclosure: We have media accreditation for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. All words and opinions contained are our own.

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