Tree Fu Tom Live

As with many of your favourite children’s programmes Tree Fu Tom has now been made into a theatre production.
We were lucky enough to get to see the show at Swansea’s Grand Theatre yesterday and it was everything the children wanted it to be, they were completely involved and nothing could distract them.
Tree Fu Tom LiveThe Tree Fu Tom Live Show was everything that young children could want, even without having seen the tv programme. With goodies and baddies, treasure maps and happy endings it everything the 3-7 year old audience could want.

For a team of little people with a love of Tree Fu Tom it was even better. The instantly recognisable characters, the thumbs up for Ariela which completely made my 6 year-old’s day. And as well as all the phrases they knew and loved there was also singing, audience participation and dance moves.

Whilst I looked around at lots of adults equally engrossed by the action on stage, I also find it difficult to become too engrossed in the onstage action, far more mesmerising for me is watching how my little people were engaging.
This is itself the best thing ever, and where Tree Fu Tom was concerned there was no itchy feet.

CM decided she was better sat on the top of her unfolded chair to see past the adult in front. Found her balance and comfort and was unable to be distracted until the interval.

The boys were an absolute joy, admittedly they too decided to sit on mummy’s knee when the adults in front of them wriggled too much but they couldn’t be distracted (apart from where a quick run to the loo was necessary).

Maybe it’s because they’re now a bit older (at 4 and 6 years old) but I loved that Tree Fu Tom kept them fully engaged and completely met their expectations.

On tour across the country, Tree Fu Tom Live is definitely worth seeing.

Tree Fu Tom Live

Before ending this review, there has to be a big thumbs up for the team at Swansea Grand Theatre. We rarely visit Swansea so I phoned in advance to get some tips- and they were fantastic. Rather than fighting Saturday’s town centre traffic we followed the recommendation of using a park and ride service,  the detail provided over the phone meant this was an easy drive and straightforward walk to the theatre.

The theatre had catered well for its younger audience with free face painting available, and very understanding ushers who understood the habits and needs of its younger audience. 

If you are visiting the area, I would definitely recommend seeing what the Grand Theatre has to offer.

Disclosure: We received a family ticket for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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