The Extraordinary Adventures Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Our first Edinburgh Fringe experience was The Extraordinary Adventures Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen. The show appealed completely to Seren’s humour. I was grateful for such silliness and creativity. My hope and expectation was for Seren to be entertained. This production clearly made the mark- Seren’s was nine out of ten.

The show has a trio of comedians with an assortment of props. The result is an hour of improvised fun. Based on The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, each comedian takes a turn at a sketch based on a trigger from the film. There is every certainty no show will be the same. Not only as the audience choose which prompts are used, but also contribute to how each sketch unfolds.

Whilst some theatre can fall where participation is demanded, it seems an audience with children has no such problem. Through involvement and misinterpretation, there was even more hilarity to the production than possible with actors alone. The talent of the comedians was in binding each story together and responding on the fly to the audience-led inclusions. Their ability to return to participants throughout the performance, remembering pertinent details, allowed this to feel less like four individual stories and more a sum of parts.

The comedians evidently work hard throughout the performance. The ability to create a rapport with the audience is strengthened by the evident strength of their relationship. With banter flowing between them and into the audience, the ability for the audience to relax into this fast paced storytelling is adds to the strength of this approach.

The success of The Extraordinary Adventures Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen is in its ability to appeal to its audience. This isn’t so much theatre aimed at children, but theatre which allows children to create the story. 

The Extraordinary Adventures Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen is at The Stand’s New Town Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can catch the show until Sunday 26th August 2018.

Disclosure: We have media accreditation for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. All words and opinions contained are our own.

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