Schools out with The Hunting of the Snark

(C) Kirsten McTernan - The Hunting of the Snark

It’s been the most ridiculous countdown to the summer holidays, the children have been exhausted and tempers have been nearest to frayed. There’s been a little light at the end, with Sherman Cymru cleverly programming the world premiere of The Hunting of the Snark to coincide with the end of the school year.The Hunting of the Snark - Cast AnnouncementLewis Carroll’s much loved nonsense poem, The Hunting of the Snark promises to be brought to life with the Sherman trademark of superb story-telling partnered with actor-musicians, in an adventure for everyone aged 7+. Running from 19– 30 July 2016.

Given my somewhat tempestuous relationship with my seven year-old daughter, the opportunity to have some quality time with her in an environment which I know would bring a few rare smiles in my company, and the best of memories definitely ticks the boxes. I write confidently, but with truth. Because the thing I know the Sherman does well is in creating the moments which come up again and again, in months and years, when you don’t think they’ve remembered, it turns out they did, and they held it close.(C) Kirsten McTernan - The Hunting of the SnarkThe musical comedy adventure promises puppetry, lashings of silliness and an original soundtrack that will delight, excite and entertain in this new summer family production by the Sherman Theatre in association with Alice House Theatre and RGM Productions.

With the riotous ragtag band of bold adventurers including the Banker, the Boy, the Butcher, the Baker, Mr Bellman, the Bandersnatch, the Boojum and the knitting Beaver, as they set off on an epic quest to catch the elusive Snark, much adventure is set in store. 

And if the rehearsal photos are anything to go by- promised should be believed:(C) Kirsten McTernan - The Hunting of the SnarkWritten by Annabel Wigoder and directed by Gemma Colclough, this production is a true ensemble piece and music features strongly, with an original composition by Gareth Cooper.

The Hunting of the Snark is at Sherman Cymru from 19th-30th July 2016 with tickets available (although grab them quick because many are already waitlist!) via the website.

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