Me and My Bee at the Sherman Theatre

Me and My Bee at the Sherman Theatre

With two 7 year-olds and a 9 year-old getting to the theatre feels a little more challenging. Something which will entertain all three of them isn’t as easy as it used to be. Fortunately, the recommendation from a friend that ThisEgg’s Me and My Bee at the Sherman Theatre resulted in an experience which we all loved.

ThisEgg create enjoyment from the moment you step into the theatre space. Joe Boylan in tight black lycra, moving and grooving. The look on my children’s face, which can only be described as ‘agog’ continues as Josie and Greta introduce themselves. There’s that look in their eyes “I think I want to laugh but I’m really not sure whether I’m allowed to.”

Because, of course, the children want to laugh at “grown-ups”.ThisEgg Me & My BeeAnd this is what Me and My Bee does so well. Encourages you to get the humour. Bringing a subject matter so relevant with enough humour to get the message completely absorbed. You only need look at social media to find the message from David Attenborough advocating how best to support bees. But for children who need to hear and receive the message in a way which they get, ThisEgg completely pins it down.

The premise probably appeals more to getting the message through to the adults in the audience, of political parties and the need to affect change. Fortunately, the message kids hear is the need to have a party to understand how they can make a difference.

B was completely absorbed, whispering loudly during the performance that it wasn’t true that if bees were extinct, humans would only have four years to live. I don’t think my nod was what he expected. But of course, he sat up a little bit straighter with this confirmation.My and My BeeBecause along with the fantastic physicality and joy which Joe Boylan brings, so Josie Dale-Jones and Greta Mitchell bring a personal touch to their performances which creates trust, oh yes, a political party which really does see people.

The performances are well judged. From the well-balanced improv which allows a small child to add their touch to ‘pin the sting on the bee’ to the added commentary which really makes you appreciate, there’s a bit of making this up for the enjoyment.

We leave with more than we brought. Both an awareness of the benefit of bees and the importance of gratitude. And, of course, there was a party bag. The party bag made this more than a trip to the theatre. It was a trip into a reality to appreciate. ThisEgg has a message, it’s fun, it’s participatory, and it’s something to live with.
Me & My Bee at the Sherman TheatreMore dates for Me and My Bee can be found on the thisegg website.

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