Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze at the Edinburgh Fringe

Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze

Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze tells the story of a nine year-old girl who longs for adventure. Instead we find Ellie in the confines of her aunt’s home obsessed with the contents of her nose. As Ellie’s birthday dawns, her aunt realises without another cup of flour there can be no chocolate pudding. And so Ellie is permitted out on her bike to ask the neighbours.

As Ellie rides around her brown village in search of flour, she spots danger in the hills- a house on fire. As she gets nearer she realises it isn’t on fire, but rather this rundown home is lit by candles.

And so begins Ellie’s adventure, as she meets Stanley. Stanley is a lonely old man who has banished himself from his village and from sneezing. Ellie’s mission is to make Stanley sneeze, and return the village to colour.

Mouths of Lions have creates a feel-good children’s production. Full of snot related humour, music and bubble- a perfect recipe for young children. As Aunt Tracy, Louise Dickenson finds the wonderful mix of ditsy and stress with which most parents can associate. Smoothly integrating the role of narrator to support the onstage action. As Ellie and Stanley, Shea Wojtus and Oliver Weatherley create the perfect moments of initial trepidation and into friendship. With fantastic moments of humour spanning the relationships the underpinning themes of family and friendship are heart-warming.

The production is pitched perfectly for the younger audience. With the right humour to appeal and engage, and enable the underpinning message of helping others to be subtly translated.

Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze is at the Assembly Roxy as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can catch the show at 13.30 until Monday 27th August (not 21st).

Disclosure: We have media accreditation for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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