AnimAlphabet: The Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe

AnimAlphabet: The Musical

As close to a level of psychedelic fun as it’s acceptable to have with toddlers, AnimAlphabet: The Musical is it. I looked around enviously at all the parents with their young charges. Yes, there was the need to have snack breaks during the hour-long performance. Whether bopping along on a knee or jumping up and down, AnimAlphabet was it. Cardiff/ West Yorkshire where was AnimAlphabet: The Musical when I needed theatre which would occupy my young charges?

And to be honest, at nine, whilst Seren wasn’t completely impressed, her attention was kept. I’m sure there was a need for a slightly deeper plot. She was originally taken in by the idea that the musical notes had been taken captive. I’m not sure she was as convinced with what followed but, like me, it was a journey worth enjoying.

What followed was an army of jungle based animals, headed up by Colin the Cockatoo searching for the missing notes. This, of course, wasn’t going to be straightforward. The notes were being held captive by a Duck- somewhat resembling Count Duckula (I am too old). The better news is, the young audience might not remember such cartoons, but are familiar with the need to ‘boo’ loudly for the baddies.

The army of jungle based characters included the captain of the gang- Colin the Cockatoo, a Rastafarian frog, a Geordie giraffe, a hip-hop donkey and a swing alligator. There was fun in watching Colin take hold of the notes, come what may.

And, importantly, AnimAlphabet: The Musical is signed. 

I’m not sure on the 0-10 target age range. We attended a performance where my envy was for all the parents with toddlers who had such fantastic theatre to enjoy. I’m also considerate that if the audience had been 7-10 years, with a slightly different audience interaction, there would have been merit in the musical.

AnimAlphabet: The Musical is at the Pleasance Dome at part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can catch the performance at 10.40 until Monday 27th August.

Disclosure: We have media accreditation for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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