A Life on the Silk Road at the Edinburgh Fringe

The National Theatre of China has returned to the Edinburgh Fringe with a compelling piece of physical theatre. A Life on the Silk Road is based on the adventures of Chinese national hero Zhang Qian. Zhang Qian’s explorations in the 2nd century BC opened the commercial links between China and the rest of the world. Credited with helping to found the famous Silk Road trade route, this story is inspired by his life. A Life on the Silk Road is a successful alliance between the National Theatre of Chine and French composer, Uriel Barthélémi. Allowing the careful imagining of Wang Jung’s script to be brought to the stage through movement and music. This is complemented greatly by Mathieu Sanchez’s digital imagery. Whilst the feeling of the traditional to allow Chinese history to unfold, being witness to A Life on the Silk Road feels as though the audience is bearing witness to a new chapter in Chinese theatre. Xu Yewen’s choreography is masterful, the discipline of the dance creating the translation of war and battles which encaptures moments in Zhang Qian’s life. Wu Junda creates the role of Zhang Qian with the strength and determination to fulfil the heroic travels which … Continue reading A Life on the Silk Road at the Edinburgh Fringe