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Favourite stationery - paper


As today’s World Stationery Day, I thought I’d share some of my favourite stationery. It’s been a difficult set of lists to create, so much isn’t here, but I’ve narrowed it down to my current favourites.

So, with no further ado, my top 5 of my top 5 favourite stationery items:

1. Favourite Paper

It feels like forever that I’ve preferred dotted or gridded paper. I never really liked lined paper, I definitely preferred narrow lines. I think it made me write neatly. 

Now, there’s a lot more choice when buying grid and dot paper, my preferences have become more intense. I generally stick with A5 notebooks as they’re far easier to carry around, and I prefer hard cover books.

My favourite by a long mark is Leuchtturm1917, after graduating from Moleskine. I love the colourways for the cover and the paper accepts which every pen I chose to use. 

I’m currently using a Paperchase grid notebook. I like this notebook as it’s a bit bulkier in the number of pages than other notebooks. I think the grids are a bit smaller than the norm. I’m equally pro and against this. Against because in meetings when I’m scrawling it’s making my writing look worse than ever, pro because for the first time I’m writing weekly lists and I love how well presented they feel.

As mentioned yesterday, I’m loving my new Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal. I’m sure this will feature a lot more in coming months.

I’m probably a contradiction to the whole point of Bullet Journalling by mentioned my work to-do list as well as my next favourite, which is a to-do list on my desk. This one is from Lollipop Designs, which again is a really good quality paper. The to-do list on my desk is more of a here-and-now, a list for back-to-school or a packing list.

And finally, whilst I love my A5 notebooks for structure, I rely on A4 notebooks for mind-dumping. When I’m thinking about an assignment, a concept for work, ideas and plans for party themes. By far my favourite is hexagon yellow notebook by Paperways.Favourite stationery - paper

2. Favourite Pens

Pens are a thing of beauty for me, writing with the wrong pen makes my writing completely indecipherable. Some pens make my writing look neat all of the time. And then there are pens where my writing can be neat or messy, and I just love them.

Uni-ball Eye Fineliners are a pen that I love. They have no bearing on my handwriting. 

I love the colour ways and the feel of the pen. 

They are my favourite pen for writing at work.Favourite stationery - pensI’ve only recently discovered Stabilo Sensor pens* but they are already a favourite.

These pens have replaced highlighters at university. I do love a good highlighter for reading journals, but the great thing about the Stabilo pens is that they are bright enough to highlight key text by underlining.

They bring the added benefit that there’s no need to change pens to write text in the columns. The colourways are bright without being overwhelming and the ink doesn’t seap or smudge.Favourite stationery - pensStaedtler Triplus Fineliners have been in my life a long time. I love the colourways the pens come in, although I do find no matter which set I buy I end up with colours I just don’t use. On the plus side, when I concentrate I like the way I write when using these pens. Favourite stationery - pensThe next two brands I’ve discovered as a result of perfecting my new bullet journal.

Pigma Micron pens are fantastic technical pens, and the nib widths force my writing style. I do like these pens when I’m trying to create a neat style. Favourite stationery - pensAnd my most recent find thanks to Instagram are Zebra Mildliners. An absolute nightmare to source when patience isn’t your virtue.

I love the colour ways, at the moment I’m not using them as an alternative to highlighters. I’m just enjoying using them on their own. I’m sure they’ll find a life beyond my bullet journal, and I’m quite interested in how they’ll fare on black ink. Favourite stationery - pens

3. Favourite planning notes

I can’t be without sticky notes, whether for planning or for holding pages.

Of course, the traditional post-it notes will never go out of favour. Years ago I was given two boxes of post-it notes in various colours, and it’s testament to them that I don’t have many left.

I love fun sticky notes and Mustard really step up to the mark. The watermelon* and lollipop are favourites to brighten up a plan or leave happy notes. The dog page markers* are also from Mustard and are great for not upsetting people by folding down corners in books.

And finally, because you never know where you’ll find great stationery. The cloud sticky notes are from Tesco. These have been used for craft projects as well as reminder notes. Favourite stationery - accessories

4. Favourite paperclips

This is one I struggled with, there are so many bright and colourful shapes available, especially in Tiger and Paperchase.

The copper binder clips and paperclips are from Paperchase. An impulse purchase, they’re integral to my organisation as a portion off the parts of my notebooks which I don’t need to refer to again.

The Eccolo binder clips were a must-have bargain from TK Maxx. I absolutely love these and again, once the large paperclip and copper binder clip have done their work, the gold binder clip comes in.

And finally, just because. Kate Spade bow paperclips. So pretty. And so essential. Just because.Favourite stationery - accessories

5. Favourite accessories

Probably not the best description but ‘stuff to stick on paper’ didn’t seem to do justice to the joy of washi-tape and stickers.

I go through phases with washi-tape. I either love really great designs or just block colour. Paperchase and Tiger are great places to pick up tape. I can also spend hours on Etsy trying to decide on different designs. I’ve also seen people using the washi-tape in the same way as I use stickers to break up bullet journal pages, which I might have to try. Favourite stationery - accessoriesI don’t think I ever outgrew stickers. Stickers seem to have passed CM by, whilst the boys love stickers. I prefer them on paper to any surface in the house. Hobbycraft, Paperchase and Tiger are my current favourite places to stock up. Favourite stationery - accessories

So, my top five favourite stationery items, narrowed down to favourite fives.

What have I missed? What would be on your list?National Stationery Week BloggerDisclosure: This post contains some items received for review as indicated by an asterisk *. All opinions and words contained are my own.

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