Postcard notebooks #SignatureSaturday

Postcard notebooks

When I thought about what the #SignatureSaturday prompt for National Stationery Week meant to me, of course I instinctively thought about the different scrawls I’ve had on the back of bits of plastic over the years. I then thought about Signature Style. Stationery-wise one of my favourite things is my postcard notebooks. Anything to brighten the day.

I love postcards with words to cheer me. To this end you’ll often find me spinning stands in Paperchase and Funky Pigeon at Paddington station as I try to boost myself with retail therapy ahead of the journey home.Postcard notebooksSome can be found on the pegboard in my office. Others will find themselves adorning my notebooks. Ready to face the day with me. 

At the moment I have three notebooks which I carry around with me: my bullet journal, my work notes and my uni notes. Choosing a postcard is a big choice. 

The postcard has to be something I’m not going to tire of quickly- it’s not so much of a problem as they can be quickly changed, but I do have to really like them.

The postcard needs to be appropriate. My work notebook accompanies me to all meetings, which steers my choice. But whilst there’s a little about being appropriate to others, it is more about it being appropriate- having meaning- to me. Postcard notebooksAs it is, my work notebook is a little tongue in cheek. I love the colour and the font, which was the initial consideration.

The text means that I just have to remember to smile. It’s something people can read either way. But whether genuine belief or sarcasm,  it does raise a smile.

My bullet journal is a much brighter colour than I’d usually choose. I then found some washi-tape in Tiger, and the postcard in Paperchase. Which had to be brought together.

Again, the text is just to make me smile. Remembering to take the time.

My university notebook is also about remembering. A little more motivational than I’d usually choose, but a five-year commitment needs it in year one. It contrasts well with the white notebook, and it is a phrase I need to remember. Postcard notebooksAnd I’ve just chosen a postcard for my new bullet journal.

Again, it’s far from me. I don’t really do florals. Or maybe I’m changing. I did wear a skirt with a floral design the other week. But I like the postcard on the black notebook cover. I know I will need to remember the phrase from time to time.

And yes, I just like it.

Do you have a signature stationery style?

Or a penchant for postcards?National Stationery Week Blogger

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  • Reply
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    April 29, 2017 at 11:00

    I’m always looking at these postcards thinking if where I could use them, never thought to add them to the front of notebooks

    • Reply
      May 6, 2017 at 23:03

      I did start with putting them on my pegboard, but it feels so much better to brighten up dull notebooks and get to appreciate them everyday.

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