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There is something about new stationery which suits all moods. Probably because stationery is only ever a good thing. Recently I’ve felt more than a little out of kilter. I feel like there’s so much in my head which needs to land on a piece of paper to make my thoughts make sense. A package from Doodle offered the perfect pick me up.

Doodle pride themselves on preserving pen on paper through a fantastic range of quality notebooks. This vision has been converted into a range of unique designs, designed to suit a range of tastes. We received the Life Mantra Diary and the Life Burst Diary.Doodle Collection Three NotebooksI loved the set of three notebooks, both for the fantastic design and the quality. I really like the colour ways and the copper lettering.

My favourite notebook on a day-to-day basis is grid paper, but recently I’ve wanted to scribble more, to create visual representations as ideas are explained to me, or ideas developed, so I love the idea of having three notebooks which take something from an idea to the inevitable to-do lists. Doodle Collection notebooksI feel like the second notebook is too good for my scribbles. I love the hard cover and the colour of the notebook. It feels so nice to touch, and has a handy magnet strap to keep the notebook closed when you’re on the move.

The cover is embossed and as the summer approaches I can’t help but think this the perfect journal for CM. CM is just as committed a stationery addict as me (it’s hereditary) but does have a problem with many notebooks on the go.

The idea of her keeping a journal to record her memories feels like the right thing to do. At the age of eight she’s at the perfect age to appreciate her summer break as the most carefree time. But in all of this it feels like it’s also about appreciating what we have, how fortunate we are. 

I love this journal because it’s her favourite colour, it feels special, and it will reinforce a good approach to life.Doodle Collection Notebook And it feels good to know CM and I both have new stationery for creating a wonderful summer.

Disclosure: We received stationery from Doodle for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are our own.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    July 7, 2017 at 09:05

    I love watching the idea of giving the child a summer notebook to record their memories.

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