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Bullet Journal June

I’ve spent this evening messing around with my Bullet Journal, because I changed my approach in June. It’s really not working for me and I’ve returned to to-do lists on other notepaper. So I thought I’d do a post, about what’s worked for me in May, and what was changed for June.May overviewStarting from the top, lots of pages really worked for me.

I love the first pages of my Bullet Journal. The future log offers a good overview and my celebration page means for I gave things more thought than usual. I like my stats tracker format and my other checklist pages.

My blog content trackers are offering a really good insight into my pattern. At one stage in May I actually thought I had found a rhythm, it was short-lived. Despite putting a ‘future proof’ check in, I’ve not actually used it, I need to take some time to make this work. As you’ll see from the June page – I’ve lost any sense of pattern, rhythm or motivation this month.Blog contentIn terms of my May pages, one thing which I thought would work, which definitely didn’t was a mood and sleep tracker. Surprisingly I found out that after a few nights of little sleep I have a low mood. And as I do need to get up at least once a week at 5am, which is usually followed by a night in a hotel, it’s quite normal and beyond much of my control to stop having a few nights of little sleep. The tracker seems to do nothing but reinforce what I know, so as pretty as it is, I stopped using it and it’s gone.Mood trackerI kept the same format as my previous journal in terms of my month to view, with the addition of a notes section. I still really like this view, it offered a good oversight of what I could and couldn’t commit. Also, frustratingly, I tried to use the same pen as much as possible. This is something I’m going to drop as it’s stressing me out when I can’t find the right pen.Month to view - MayI’ve also kept the same week-to-view, and whilst I loved it and felt I was Bullet Journalling properly, I thought it was quite restrictive for space.Week to view - MayI decided for June to change the format to give, what I thought would be, more space. I think this is why I’ve stopped using my bullet journal as much. The format isn’t working for me and I find it even more restrictive.May - week to viewI’m not sure what the answer is, I don’t really want to move to four pages per week, but I am going to go back to the old format, in the hope that May just happened to be a really busy month for planning.

The other change that I made was not starting my next month’s pages until the final week of May. This meant I used pages at the end of the month for specific planning. I love this, especially as it really helped me plan for the following month in terms of projects. ProjectsThere is, of course, a flip side to this. One thing which has also been clear this month is that I’ve really struggled with forward-looking. I do have my future log, but it’s too basic. I want to plan trips to the theatre, and plan for when I’m working away. Without seeing at least a month in advance I feel like I’ve lost all concept of time.

Tonight I’ve added the rest of the year’s ‘month to view’ to the end of June. Hopefully I can start getting a handle on how the year is panning out. I wish this was at the start of my Bullet Journal. So I’m already looking forward to a new Bullet Journal.

And this month I put some of my new washi tape to good use. June came with a space-theme to tie in with my main project for the month. And thanks to my Bullet Journal, it’s a project which has been planned and will be started and finished this month.JuneNow to start planning July’s project. CM has set her expectations a little high after seeing the transformation of her brothers’ room.

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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    June 24, 2017 at 07:25

    I’ve just started using a stigu planner for planning my to do list each day, although I’ve already found myself picking and choosing between tasks that I like and ones I want to put off.

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