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Fountain Pen

Today’s National Stationery Week prompt #FountainPenFriday set me off on a series of meandering thoughts. Fountain pens are my aspiration, a pen I’d love to write well with. And I’ve had many fountain pens over the years, I love the time a fountain pen insists you take.

My meandering thoughts set me to thinking of my first fountain pen. 

When I was young my dad used to work away from time to time. And he would always come home with gifts.

It sounds wrong to say that I looked forward to my dad working away. As a parent who works away most weeks I’d hate to think my children look forward to my absences. But my dad’s trips were infrequent, I’d be broke if I brought gifts home every time I was away.

But, materialistically, the reason I looked forward to my dad working away was that he’d bring home gifts. And as the best dad ever, my memory is of alternate gifts. He would bring home either a book or some stationery. The book would be from the Drina series by Jean Estoril. So eager was I for the next in the series, this was the reason I’d look forward to his trips.

And on stationery gifts would be new pens or paper.

I think that my love for stationery and books was already in check and my dad just built on it. Who knows really?

But I remember my dad bringing the gift of a fountain pen.

I remember it was black with gold edging.

I didn’t get on with it.

My dad then brought home a navy fountain pen.

It was a fountain pen for left-handed writers.

As it turns out, nothing ‘left handed’ ever worked for me.

I found I just needed to break right-handed things in a little to suit me.

Over the years, I have had many fountain pens.

And I have loved them.Fountain PenAnd, trying to place it, almost nine years ago I went off fountain pens. My boss gave me his Lamy Fountain pen, which oddly, coincidentally, matched the ballpoint pen my nan gave me for my graduation. And I loved writing with it.

Then, two months before CM was due we were burgled. And the Lamy pen was one of the items recovered. 

And whilst it moved with us to Wales, because I couldn’t not keep it. 

I haven’t been able to write with it.

And then the Fountain Pen Friday prompt for National Stationery Week popped up.
And I wondered why I don’t write with a fountain pen anymore.

Is it odd that the two Stabilo Be You pens that I received* are in the beCrazy! theme? Not a coincidence?

Because of course, it’s not a coincidence. It’s a sign. It’s fate.

I need to start writing with real ink pens again.

And if I’m not up to writing with a fountain pen, I can start with the roller ball ink.
Fountain PensSo, this is it. 

National Stationery Week.

It’s a sign.

It’s time to rediscover my love of fountain pens.

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