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What I’m reading

Over Christmas I read the sad news that Kate Gross had passed away on Christmas Day. A successful woman, a parent to twins- the multiple mum commonality meant her book had to be read.

Late Fragments by Kate Gross

‘Late Fragments’ is penned with the need to ensure Kate’s sons understand their mother, and the journey of her life. It is of course a difficult read, as I read predominately on the long train journey to work, the need to keep tissues in my handbag was a necessity. But whilst it is a difficult read- how could it not be- it is also an amazing celebration of life- “there is wonder in every day, if you can only see it.”- underpins Kate’s life, her words and memories create the brightly coloured quilt she defined.

If one thing held most close, it was the reflection on learning:

Late Fragments

And so, I am learning too, to take the time out for reading, for enjoyment again.

What I’m scribbling over

A recent Blogtacular twitter chat introduced me to the gorgeous Lollipop stationery.

The planner is great, it is serving two purposes. I can use a sheet to do a family planner each week, with six columns and five of us it is perfect. It is also perfect for me to tuck inside my work book, to remind me of the different aspects of life- where I’m meant to be, where I need to be, and what I’ll forget unless I write it down.

And yes, the design adds to the beauty of this level of planning.

Lollipop Stationery

What I’m scribbling with

Writing with crystals

Sometimes people introduce you to things you would never have even considered. This gorgeous pen was a Christmas gift from a workmate. I looked it and just thought of my bestie- Leigh- a perfect gift for her, I didn’t look at it and think ‘me’- it wasn’t a Berol fine or a standard Bic which make my writing legible.

Before I dismissed the pen, I wrote with it. And my writing was lovely. And the pen cheered me. It made the world sparkly. And now it is my pen of choice.

Sometimes stepping outside of you is really a great way to explore.

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