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For this week’s #SundayStationery with The Reading Residence, I thought I’d get a technical about planners as I would like to about baking (today’s sore point as my baking didn’t go to plan).

Planners, for me, are like the holy grail, years ago a friend and I decided we should try and design our perfect planner- we didn’t, and hindsight being a wonderful thing- we soooo should have!

My wonderfully new BlogtacularxLollipop planner is probably as close as I’ve come to planner perfection. I’ve been using it for the past month, and whilst there are a few things I’d improve (I’ll mention these along the way), it’s been in my bag on every outing, it’s already come in more handy at work than a people trying to work out timelines on an electronic diary, and it’s my first diary/ planner in a couple of years which has lasted more than a week.

That’s the thing for me, I am happy to use my online diary, it’s integral to work as we all check each other’s availability for meetings, etc. so a hard copy diary really doesn’t add value. But whilst I add personal stuff to my online diary, the reality is it’s a work diary so I don’t like to include too much.

The BlogtacularxLollipop Life Planner is absolutely perfect for managing work, family and blogging. It’s helping immensely as I’ve been working away more and trying to make sure everyone knows where they need to be (albeit the boys did go to school in uniform on a PE day last week so will probably need to add a reminder to text hubby on said day [leaving the clothes out in a day order wasn’t enough of a help…]).

So, do you want to see it?! 

Ok, so to me, the first few snaps are the basics of what the Planner offers:

Blogtacular x Lollipop Designs Life Planner

So, the planner’s ringbound with a gorgeous gold embossed cover. It’s has a lovely feel, like a little bit of optimism (I know what I’m doing, the planner will tell me!), and of course- importantly- fits perfectly in my variety of bags.

I have been using the front sheet to append invitations and more urgent stuff, there is a clear pocket at the back, but I do tend to forget things I can’t see (so for me, I would definitely prefer and extra pocket at the front- because the back pocket is really useful for keeping things in too, stickers and business cards, and things to do, rather than the more urgent things).

The planner has lots of paper- plain, squared and lined- which I love. I can make lists on the lined, doodle thoughts on the plain, and write on the squared (my favourite paper for work books) and manner of thoughts.

And to the planner itself:

Blogtacular x Lollipop Designs Life Planner

I love the week to a page- which an appending side of paper to add more notes. I love this appending page, it would be so easy to decide to reduce the size of the planner and do away with, but the page helps me plan and prioritise. And as I generally use it for my blog (as I have a whole plethora of planners for work, food and family), it helps me think about my blog when everything else is occupying my mind.

The week planner has columns which I use for family, work and blogging. And because I’m me, they’re colour coded. Which then transfers onto my month planner. My month planner is more about locations than the detail of the week planner.

Now, what I’m not so easy with it that all the month planners together, and then all the week planners. I think I’d prefer to have a month planner, and then maybe a month action plan double page, followed by four week planners.

In fairness, I’ve got around my niggle with new Washi tape, so it can’t be all bad. I’ve colour coded the month with the associated weeks, so they are easy to find when I’m flicking through, and I’ve also added sticky tabs for the current month and week.

The other thing I’m not so fussed on is the year planner, I should probably just use this for dates to remember- birthdays, anniversaries and the like- and then it would be great. What I’m struggling with is that I started using it as an overview (I like to reflect on where I’ve been spending my work days to allow me to plan future months), and as I started using it in September, I’m already struggling with the idea of writing notes in August 2016 next to September 2015, so I stopped using it.. now having niggles like that, proves I’m planning ahead! But writing dates to remember, which don’t change regardless of year is probably the way to go.

So yes, this is definitely a really comforting planner, it gives the reassurance I need on a daily basis that I have a clue what’s going on.

Blogtacular was definitely more than worth the ticket price, finding out about the planner- well that tipped it over the edge!

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