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South Wales beaches – Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay bodyboarding

There are some days which just turn out ok. In spite of the drama. We weren’t planning to spend time at Swansea Bay. To be honest I didn’t even realise a beach existed so close to the city centre. 

We had climbed in the car that morning with the hope of spending time at Caswell Bay. I did suggest it wasn’t the best idea, given the good weather and it being a Monday. But there we go. 

And then there was the bit where Mr J put unleaded in the car. I don’t think Mr J’s ever owned a car fuelled by unleaded petrol. But there we go.

Eventually, in search of somewhere with a car parking space and a beach, we ended up taking in Swansea Bay beach.

And to be honest, it was perfect and I’m surprised it wasn’t nearly as busy as all the beaches nearer to the Gower we had staked out.

It’s not a golden sands beach admittedly. But to the children it’s better than golden sands. It’s the perfect sand for building sand castles. Swansea Bay Beach funIt might not have been their idea of perfect water, but it was sea water. And it was the children’s first dip of the year. So it was perfect for reminding them that sea water is nowhere near as gentle on the taste buds as swimming pool water.Swansea Bay Beach wavesAnd it wasn’t perfectly warm in the sea. Especially as we hadn’t remembered to think about bringing wet suits. But it was great for getting back to grips with body boarding.Swansea Bay bodyboardingAnd in spite of all our the tensions the day had brought, it was the perfect place for bringing smiles to our faces.E at Swansea Bay BeachThe perfect day for seeing our siblings works as friends. Swansea Bay Beach diggingAnd really the perfect place to start my summer holiday.

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