World Calligraphy Day with Manuscript

World Calligraphy Day with Manuscript

Since I’ve committed myself to a world which embraces a bullet journal I have been trying to perfect my creative lettering. So I couldn’t have been happier to receive pens which celebrate World Calligraphy Day with Manuscript.

World Calligraphy Day takes place tomorrow, on August 16th 2017. Manuscript Pen Company Ltd are at the forefront of these celebrations.Beginning calligraphy with ManuscriptI have always loved writing with fountain pens. To me, calligraphy takes writing into an art form. One which I really want to perfect.

Disappointingly I’m in London rather than Birmingham for World Calligraphy Day. In Birmingham, on 16th August 2017, there are so many workshops taking place at the Pen Museum to celebrate the art of hand lettering.

I am enjoying practising more than joined up writing with the Manuscript Beginners Calligraphy Set. It reminds me  of ‘knit one, purl one’ as I completely try and fail to remember when I should be trying to apply pressure to the nib.Manuscript Callicreative DuotipsFortunately, I love the colours of the Callicreative Duotips. I am rating my chances of moving to calligraphy style writing with these rather than my brush pens.

But for now I am appreciating how calligraphy will improve the look of my writing. The simple lesson of where emphasis is placed reveals so much beauty. Although I really need to perfect my ‘r’.Creative lettering with ManuscriptIt’s quite impressive to look at how your writing looks with added emphasis. With the art of calligraphy that you would be more tempted to put it in print.

Beginning calligraphy with Manuscript
And with all the Bullet Journalling hints and tips I’ve seen lately, for the first time I built the courage to go the extra mile. A little illustration.

Yes, it’s far from perfect, but I fully appreciated the added layer of illustration. Creative lettering with Manuscript Callicreative DuotipsI need to continue to work on my lettering. To appreciate calligraphy nibs and the added beauty they can bring to writing.

One step, carefully, at a time.

Disclosure: I received products to celebrate World Calligraphy Day with Manuscript for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions contained are my own.

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