Word Has It! Family Game Review

Word Has It! Family Game Review

It seems the best way to introduce learning to my children is through a little competitive fun. I’ve come to realise that the boys do best when aspiring to me like their heroes. Reading and writing has come so much easier since this realisation. And as for developing a good vocabulary, well Word Has It! has stepped in to create lots of family fun.

Word Has It! from University Games is a time focused game, focused on building words based on prompts and a chosen starting letter. The winner determined by the longest word. Designed for ages 7 upwards, the game is for two to four players, although there’s something about creating equality given the pace of action- so teams can be better where there are mixed age groups.

Because, there are so many elements to this game, which come together under the pressure of time. 

You need to have a wide-ranging vocabulary, trying to align the prompt and the starting letter can itself be a challenge. Then trying to spell it and find the letter blocks- well, literacy and hand-eye co-ordination suddenly come into play.

And, if you add the batteries to the game, you’ve also got a timer and limit to your thinking.

So, you can obviously throw in competitiveness and laughter.Word Has It! Family GameBut with 43 letter tiles, there’s all the opportunity to create your word. Although you need to try to think of the longest word you can. If all else is lost, a player can use an “X-tra Time” card or “Any Letter” card – although these do apply to all players.

There’s no doubting the fun element. This game is absolutely frustrating when you can’t see the word for the trees when you can’t think of a word. And there’s absolute comedy when you can’t see the tiles to spell your word completely.

Word Has It! is a fantastic game to encourage reluctant scholars. To encourage an understanding of spelling, to nurture letter recognition. Sometimes the words will be obvious, other times you have the opportunity to expand vocabulary. 

It’s not the easiest game for reluctant 7 year-old learners, but it definitely brings the most fun to the learning process.

Word Has It! is distributed by University Games with an RRP of £14.99. Suitable for 2-4 players ages 7+. 

Disclosure: We received Word Has It! for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are our own.

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