Urban Armor Gear Samsung Phone Case – Loving it

UAG Samsung Galaxy Phone Case

For the past couple of months I’ve been loving my Urban Armor Gear Samsung Galaxy phone case. I’m a phone klutz, so it’s really important I have a phone case to take care of my mobile. I do have the benefit of mobile phone insurance with my bank, but it’s limited on use per annum, and I lose my phone for around a month if I use it. So it’s a case that prevention is definitely better than the cure.

When Mr J bought me my Samsung Galaxy S6 he got a standard case with it. And I loved it. It had a pocket in the cover, where I got adept had keeping my most favoured cards and cash. The more I stored in it, the more it stretched. So when I kept less inside, cards just fell out. Not so good.
And, when I’m on the underground looking at my emails I fold the case round showing off my cards. I feel a little nervous for no substantiated reason.Urban Army Gear Samsung Phone CaseMy beautiful red UAG phone case solves most of my problems. With UAG representing Urban Armor Gear I’m pretty confident I’m a little more protected against my fear of a smashed screen. I am loving the colour, there is choice, but red is a constant favourite. And everyone who notices my phone case complements the colour.Urban Army Gear Samsung Phone CaseThe bit I loved the most was the bit I didn’t notice when it arrived. I know when I ordered the case that I thought I could keep a card within the case. It’s sort of a given now. To the extent I’ve given up carrying my wallet. I now carry a coin purse and my ‘work case’. 

My work case is from Oliver Bonas. It just homes my Oyster Card and my work related receipts. My coin purse does home a couple of cards, with the coins. But my phone case is now my be all. Because my phone is unfortunately my be all. 

I was confused when the case arrived, I couldn’t figure out where my cash and debit card would go. When I figured out how my UAG case worked I was over the moon. It’s not rocket science. And if someone’s going to runaway with your phone that’s it really. But at least with the UAG case you’re not on display.

As far as negatives of the case go? Whilst there’s a magnet keeping the case closed, with my previous case opening the case meant the phone was on. With this case you still have to swipe the phone open. It’s just another moment of my life I’m not checking social media. It’s not earth shattering, but I did like my previous phone case for this reason it now seems.

So as far as this phone case goes?

I’m loving it.

I have no intention of returning to my old phone case.

Of course, foremost, the reassurance of not breaking the phone is great.

Second, and more importantly, I love the appearance. It may ‘beef’ my phone up. But I love the look and feel, I love the colour of my phone case.

And I love that my debit card and cash is not in sight.

Job done.

Disclosure: I received an Urban Armor Gear phone case for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts contained are my own.

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