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Turtle Wax Car WashIf you know my husband, you’ll know how much he likes cars. So much so, for Christmas he bought me one. That sounds so much more than it is – I accidentally sold mine. Yep, even I can’t believe that happened. After managing for a few months with one car the frustration wore thin. So the opportunity to review Turtle Wax Car Wash goodies was a great opportunity to show him that I was actually grateful. So much so I set the children to work.Turtle Wax Car Wash WashlessHalfords have a massive range of Turtle Wax products and whilst me and hubby associate Turtle Wax with the traditional ‘wax on, wax off’ we were both really amazed with the range of products, making sure your car looks equally sparkly inside and out.

Admittedly, as someone who isn’t a massive fan of cleaning the car my favourite product was the Waterless Wash. Because yes, how simple? And of course, working out so much more reasonably priced than the car wash. And if you have a little one who just needs help reaching the higher reach, it’s job done.Turtle Wax Car Wash Washless WashAnd to go with getting the body of the car clean, there’s also products to make sure the rest of the body reach the same cleanliness. The ClearVue Glass Clean did manage a streak-free clean, something I was a little cynical of anything achieving based on my experience with polish and mirrors.Turtle Wax Car Wash Glass CleanDue to the range of products to hand, we also decided to try out the All Wheel Cleaner, which managed to clean up the whole wheel, offering more than just a surface clean.Turtle Wax Car Wash All Wheel CleanerThe simplicity of cleaning with the Turtle Wax range really is great for people who don’t like this particular chore. Cleaning up the car inside and out is straightforward, and based on the hubby’s response definitely worth the effort.

And if you do like making the effort, Turtle Wax have the more traditional ‘elbow wax’ products as well, if you like to inspect the cleanliness with a magnifying glass (hello dad!). 

For my children, they like the more traditional clean, with a bucket of water, so they put the Turtle Wax Super Clean Wash & Wax to the test- which not only kept them busy, but also cheered hubby up no end to be driving a clean car again.

Disclosure: We worked with Halfords and Turtle Wax on this review receiving a range of products. All opinions and thoughts provided are our own.

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    Dan Collins
    September 17, 2020 at 04:13

    This has been the most trusted brand ever that you can use for DIY car cleaning. I’ve been using this product from just simple cleaning to removing swirl marks and removing scratches.

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