Top of this year’s wish list- Furby Connect

Furby Connect and the boy

Furbies and Tamagotchis were toys which seemed completely revolutionary in my youth. Bringing technology to toys, and at the same time putting pressure on the owner to take full responsibility for their upkeep. Brought back 21st Century style, the Furby Connect appeared on E’s Christmas list very early doors.

So I was excited by an offer to review the toy. To find out whether the burden of getting them off to sleep would have reduced. Also to find out the benefits of offering an app to accompany a toy. I must admit with a target market younger than those likely to own a phone or tablet I was a little confused.Pink Furby ConnectThe Furby Connect is super cute. With great packaging to home the Furby and a sleep mask, ensuring everyone has an uninterrupted night’s sleep. The Furby is super soft. It has plastic features, which include an antenna, which are pliable plastic unlikely to snap or be the cause of injury (you never know in our home!).

As soon as you get your Furby working it’s evident the improvements from ‘my day’. Singing and dancing, and with LED eyes which offer fantastic animation to accompany the movement and vocal.Furby Connect EyesThe LED eyes actually have 150 different eye expressions. You can feed the Furby by pressing the tongue. Furby has more than 1,000 phrases. Initially you can use the eyes to understand Furby. As time progresses you can learn Furbish or teach the Furby some English words.Furby Connect AppThe Furby automatically updates via the app, and there are lots of other adventures to be found online. There is a safeguard which ensures the Furby and app is child friendly, so the fun things which the Furby can do are with the confidence provided by Hasbro.

The Furby Connect World offers access to games and videos as well as ways to nurture your Furby. There are also Furbies to hatch and grow, with the ability to get rewards the better you care for them.Sleeping mask Furby ConnectWhilst the Furby has an RRP of £99, it has been on offer over the Christmas period at least 30% off.

Overall, the Furby wasn’t as much as a hit in our home as we thought it would be. E quickly tired of the attention needed and use the sleeping mask to quieten the interaction (his mother’s son). It didn’t seem to offer the fun my 5-year-old was hoping to encounter and the animation of the toy it didn’t allow him to exercise his imagination as much as his other toys. It is battery heavy, which is to be expected. Fortunately it takes AA batteries which parents seem to have in excess. 

I’m glad E received the Furby, it was something so high on this Christmas list, and I would have paid the reduced price it’s now available. Will he get the money’s worth from it? I really don’t think so. I think if you know your child, their likes, and their span of attention, Furby may well be the most fantastic gift. But for my son, who offers affection readily, but loves lots of interaction and imaginative play, this wasn’t for him.Furby Connect and the boyFurby Connect is available in Pink, Teal, Purple and Blue. The Furby Connect arrives with a sleep mask, a simple instruction booklet. Furby requires 4 AA batteries which are not included. To enable the Furby to ‘Connect’ you will need to download the app. On Android we found this really straightforward, does have more information about the variety of devices.

Disclosure: We received the Furby Connect for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions contained are our own.

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