Stepping into Spring, Ready for Summer with JD Williams

JD Williams

By the time Spring arrives I always seem to be at a loss, what did I wear last summer? Why haven’t I got a go-to wardrobe full of choices. And why am I teaming everything with leggings or a woolly jumper? I hate starting the day worrying about things of no real significance. So an offer to shop online at JD Williams to get me ready for Spring was met with a resounding ‘yes’.

Last summer I discovered maxi-skirts, I may be the last to this party, but their convenience on every level is not to be overlooked, and I feel good swooshing as I walk (as opposed to the hobbling I do in heels, and the waggling I do in short skirts). I have two maxi-skirts in my wardrobe and as at the beginning of Spring I searched all my favourite online shops in search of some new additions. None added to my wardrobe, I wondered what would see me through to Autumn.

A quick search of JD Williams left me with far too much in my shopping basket. With lots of skirts, and so much variety in maxi-skirts I was so pleased with my choices. They are perfect for working from home,for the school run and weekends at the beach. I haven’t managed to find any for days at the office yet but I’ve seen so many other options.

JD Williams, like most online retailers, has lots of choice. I actually enjoyed searching for tops to go with the skirts, as the search function is user-friendly (I have left so many sites frustrated for listing out-of-stock items, or not being able to narrow down search options). I managed to choose tops which are a little out of my comfort zone, but are reasonably priced so worth teaming with something I’m comfortable wearing. JD Williams

And, of course, I couldn’t resist searching for summer maxi dresses at the same time. Well, I need to have fewer problems moving from Spring to Summer than I’ve had welcoming Spring. I feel completely for the pink dress. Like the skirts whilst an element (the colour) isn’t in my comfort zone, all other elements are. I’m looking forward to teaming it with my denim jacket and birkenstocks for trips to the beach. The navy dress is perfect for work and the orange for evenings out. 

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, or a change of style within your comfort zone, I would spend a little time at JD Williams.

Disclosure: I received clothing for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are my own.

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