Snapfish Slim Canvas Memories – A Review

When we moved CM into her first room we decided on three photos of our favourite moments, they stayed in her room when we moved to Wales. Five years since those photos were taken, it is so interesting to hear how fresh those memories are. I’m not sure I entirely believe CM can recall them truly, but our photos around the home and time spent reminiscing has meant CM has a recollection of her whole life.

Snapfish Canvas

As we renew her bedroom for one fit for a six-year-old, so the idea of capturing new memories took hold. With a perfect place, above the space that will eventually be her desk, we decided to add some our favourite memories to the mix.

Having dotted the home with family favourite canvases since we have moved in, tying in and adding canvases to CM’s room was a great opportunity, and the price bracket at Snapfish means we can continue to add memories to CM’s room as she grows up.

Snapfish’s Slim Canvas Prints are a perfect way of adding memories to the home, available in a range of sizes we choose ones that we can continue to add to over the years, we chose memories from our most recent holidays, and deliberately chose our favourite of CM to offer confidence in herself as an individual, and also those moments showing her role as a sibling and a family member, to give her a sense of place, of home.

Snapfish Slim Canvas

Ordering the prints was really straightforward, and being able to play with sizing was a real bonus of the ordering service. One of the biggest downfalls of canvases is the way they roll around the frame- admittedly this is also one of the things I love most around canvases- but it does mean ordering canvases is really difficult if the detail in the corners of the photo are important. I mention this because, whilst disregarding wonderful photos where a sibling was cut out on the fold, I did order one very special print- and whilst lots of detail (and heads) were lost on the fold the most important detail- CM and Candy- was kept and so I ordered the print. And of course, this is CM’s favourite addition to her room.

Snapfish Slim Canvas

I love having these new memories for CM to awake to, to remind her of what’s important, to shape her life around.

From perfect family holidays, to unscheduled days at the beach, making memories of love and happiness, and holding them close, is one of the reasons we have so many canvases dotted around the home.

The Lite Canvas range is definitely a great way of collecting memories and giving them a place in the home.

Disclosure: We ordered four Slim Photo Canvas Prints, free of charge, from Snapfish for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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