Simple Gifts for teachers with Snapfish

Hot chocolate themed gifts with Snapfish

I don’t think I’ll ever stop encouraging my children to think of others first at Christmas. To consider all those which have given to them. Through kindness. I love that my children know our motto is to always choose kindness. And I love this is a message that the children’s teachers reinforce.

Creating a gift for their teachers is something I like to do with the children. To find out what they are most grateful for that has happened because of their teachers. This term has been more important than ever. I know how much effort is being directed toward the boys, ensuring they are settling into separate classes. I know the boys have no idea of any extra attention. But I also know one of the boys has the biggest crush ever on his teacher. Reinforcing the words they share with us, that they are making sure the boys have no idea that separate classes is an issue.Hot chocolate themed gifts for teacherswith SnapfishCreating simple gifts is easy with Snapfish. Whilst I know there are a list of things that you probably shouldn’t buy for teachers, I also know it’s more commonplace for parents to club together for gifts. I do think this is a great idea, I appreciate that 30 similar gifts may not be great. But for me throwing money at something rarely solves a problem, and in the same way, for me it doesn’t represent the ‘why’. I want my children to appreciate why we give gifts, the thought that can go into them. 

And so Christmas is special, for creating gifts for teachers (we’ve gone with tea wreaths again), but complementing our crafts with thoughtful gifts which can be put to good use.Hot chocolate themed gifts for teachers with SnapfishSnapfish have so many gifts available, and for us we decided on mugs and coasters. The mugs are for the children’s teachers, the coasters for their learning support team. I’m never too sure about the differentiating in gifts, because I do think everyone puts in the same effort. For me it comes down to the direction the teachers give. To make sure effort is put in where it will make the most difference. 

I look at the boys, and the distance they’ve travelled since September is immense.Gifts for teachers with SnapfishCreating personal gifts with Snapfish is so easy. Whilst I love to make photo gifts for family- cards and photo albums, for teachers I prefer to use Picmonkey to create personal notes, personalised and meaningful.

It’s them really easy to team the gift with little things you can throw in the shopping basket from week to week so you don’t suddenly have an empty purse at Christmas time.Gifts for teachers with SnapfishOrdering on Snapfish is so easy. Uploading images to a folder, adding to your gift, previewing and purchasing. Delivery was faster than promised, which can’t be guaranteed but is always appreciated. The quality is great and hopefully, as teachers hug their mug, they’ll be feeling the positive vibes from my children.

Disclosure: I received a voucher from Snapfish for the purpose of creating a post with stocking filler gifts. All opinions and words contained are my own.


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    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    December 2, 2016 at 10:53

    What a wonderful way to say thank you and Merry Christmas all at the same time. I do love the easy way in which each set could be personalised depending on what impact the teacher has had on the child. Fabulous!

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