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Shopkins Kinstructions Shopville Town Center

CM has been a Shopkins fan for forever. It demonstrated why I had no idea how to parent my child. She was asking for them before mass marketing, she had discovered them on YouTube and I had no idea what she was on about. Roll on a few years and I felt like the best mum ever for introducing her to Shopkins Kinstructions. Something she hadn’t heard of (get me for mum-upmanship).Shopkins Kinstructions Shopville Town CenterIn truth it didn’t excite CM as much as I thought it might – she’s just not that into construction toys, preferring art and craft. But oh my! How much did the boys love this. E particularly as been competing with CM for an obsession with Shopkins, B is more a Lego fan (this is most apparent when it comes to blind bags).

Bringing together construction toys and Shopkins is a fantastic move, and along with it comes a great price range. With little sets being available from around £5 it means it’s a perfect for treats and saving pocket-money. 

The children were lucky enough to receive the Checkout Lane which is an easy build, with two buildable characters.Shopkins Kinstructions Checkout Lane

Shopkins Kinstructions Checkout LaneThe children also had the opportunity to review the Shopkins Kinstruction Shopville Shopping Center. Retailing at around £30, it’s currently £24 at Smyths.

It’s absolutely perfectly priced, with the perfect balance of Shopkins and construction toys.

The children loved the familiar elements, of Shopkins buildable characters, of construction, of the familiar trolley, and the comfort of destruction and rebuilding.Shopkins Kinstructions Trolley Shopkins Kinstructions Shopville Town Center Shopkins Kinstructions Shopville Town CenterShopkins Kinstructions is definitely on the Christmas list for the boys, and the video below shows how easy it is to build.

Recommendations would definitely be to follow other construction brands and label the bags numerically to indicate building in stages, and without so much ‘around’. But if you’re building in one sitting, or on a tray, it’s not much of an issue, just helpful. We loved the buildable characters and the familiar signage. Despite some over-thinking it was easily constructed and comparable to other favoured brands in terms of quality.

I appreciate a helpful steer on something so commercial.  I love that my daughter has a box full of collectables, I especially love finding them in random locations around the home. Pretty much in the same way as I love standing on Lego.

But I love construction toys. I genuinely don’t mind that mummy spends an hour building for the result to be destroyed. Because I get to appreciate the reconstruction- the random of my child’s imagination.

Shopkins Kinstructions is definitely one for the Christmas list of a Shopkins fan. If only to appreciate their mind a little more.

Disclosure: We received Shopkins Kinstructions for the purpose of this review. All opinions contains and views expressed are our own.


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