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Hotter Shoes Donna

I read something recently about being brave enough to grow up to be who you really are. I feel that over recent years in some ways I’ve regressed. Rationalising this is who I really am. But whilst black will be my preference, I do love injecting a little colour. When Hotter Shoes offered the opportunity to review their Donna shoes, there was a colour which I couldn’t resist.

The colourway kills two birds with one stone. Brightening up my usual outfits offered the chance to make sure the shoe is a staple in my wardrobe.

Hotter Shoes Blood Orange Donna

I wear black. On days when I work from home I wear jeans. And I wear DMs.

But in a couple of weeks time I’ll be enjoying some time in Manchester, hiraeth. Not only is it the opportunity to return to the place I loved as home but it’s a chance to catch up with friends. Sarah and I have decided the occasion warrants a dress. And I have a dress which I love. In spite of the only attention I’ve given hanging it in my wardrobe.

Whilst black or navy shoes might be a good choice to accompany the dress, as I was looking at the range of colours the Donna range offers, the blood orange colourway appealed to me.

Donna by Hotter Shoes

And whilst you should never buy shoes for one outfit, these shoes creates the chance to brighten me.

And the Donna shoe is a comfy heel. Whilst DMs may be my first choice, the heel doesn’t feel like it’s about to see me walk barefoot at the end of the evening.

Because this is the joy of Hotter Shoes. They’re so comfy. And more so as the Donna shoes comes in half sizes.

It’s love.

Blood Orange Donna by Hotter Shoes

Donna shoes are priced at £85. Kicking in a quick assessment of value for money. Compared to my DMs and Birkenstocks its a price I can live with. More importantly, it’s a shoe I can live with.

What I love most about Hotter Shoes is that the Donna shoe has evolved. The colourways are updated, along with tweaks to the style. My Hotter Shoes of another time are still going strong.

I may have moments where I think this is a bold choice. But it’s a choice which will grow with me.

Blood Orange Donna Hotter Shoes

Disclosure: I received a pair of Donna shoes for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views contained are my own.

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