Rock out this Christmas with JoJo Siwa

Rocking out with JoJo Siwa

CM has had so much fun with the JoJo Siwa Microphone and Bodacious Bow. We were fortunate to receive the items to review which elevated my ‘fab mum’ status no end. I admit the whole JoJo Siwa passed me straight by earlier this year. This first I knew of it was seeing posts about schools ‘banning the bow’ and CM being lucky enough to receive one from a friend for her 8th birthday. JoJo Siwa merchandiseThe fun of the Bodacious Bow goes a little further- with rainbow hair colouring CM was able to carry on her hair sprayed (and washed-out) colour into school this week. And, of course, with the all too recognisable hearts of JoJo.

The microphone has turned out to be a massive hit – especially on the weekend’s sleepover. Not only does it play  JoJo’s hit song “Boomerang” (a song with which I am now fully conversant), it lights up and can hook up to an MP3 device.JoJo Siwa toysI sometimes struggle with how old or young gifts are. In this case, so much is appreciated by JoJo Siwa’s YouTube success, over 4.7m YouTube subscribers is no mean feat. So, I can appreciate how her status appeals to CM. I also appreciate how the bow can have appeal across a wide age span. I’m too far down memory road but have to reminisce long enough to mention the Fergie bow? “Taxi!”. But yes, the bow is a thing of universal joy.

And given how happy she was to receive both, and to see her and her friends have so much fun with the microphone on Saturday evening I love that she is of the age to appreciate some fun. JoJo Siwa funAnd of course, what’s not to love about a bit of colour in your life? 

The bow easily clips into hair. I wondered what effect the coloured hair would have on CM’s thick mane. Fortunately the colour could be spread across her ponytail or discreetly tucked underneath.

The microphone has a neat cover. Underneath, there is a cable which easily connects to your MP3- in our case my phone- which enables so much fun singing over the top of favourite tracks. And I had positive reports that it “actually sounding like I’m singing live”. What’s not to love about your daughter appreciating her singing sounds like she’s live?! JoJo Siwa Bodacious BowWith both the Bodacious Bow and Microphone retailing at around £14.99 these are the perfect gifts this Christmas for aspiring singers. CM loves her bow for JoJo Siwa status and her aspiration to dye her hair every colour of the rainbow.

The JoJo Light-Up Microphone offers so much fun. Especially if, like us, you are a family which gathers around for X-Factor each Saturday evening for family time. Channelling JoJo SiwaDisclosure: We received the JoJo Siwa Microphone and the JoJo Siwa Bodacious Bow from Flair for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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