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Counting Quirky cards

Following last week’s post about What’s in the Box? our love of fun games continues with Quirky from Cheatwell Games. A time pressured game of questions, there is so much fun and laughter to be had trying to remember the rules and play by them.

To be honest, the rules aren’t difficult. Throw a dice, and have the time until the sand in the timer runs out to answer corresponding questions. Oh but. To play with fun-loving children and forget that there’s a timer you’re meant to watch. To be laughing so much the questions don’t come out so extra time is demanded.Winning at QuirkyQuirky doesn’t necessarily relies as much on general knowledge as lived knowledge. Some of the answers offered were so funny it was difficult to disagree. Some of the questions relied on the questioner knowing the answer… or not. So, as much as general knowledge, the ability to bluff and have a little cheeky confidence sees the players well.

And many of the questions just relied on the best of imaginations, which means no matter the competitive element, there is so much laughter that good will prevails. Quirky quiz gameAnd, of course, playing with twins, this question caused me to laugh a great deal more than the participants. Quirky cardsBecause one of the realities of the game is that it does rely on the fluency of reading, which when you’re up against the clock and hesitancy in reading is far from appreciated.

This means the game is fantastic with my daughter and some seemingly ‘grown- up time’ of any evening. With the boys it causes me even more laughter as I solely take on the role of questioner and get to hear the boys grappling around for any answer.

Which is the joy of the game. For as may questions rely on knowledge, as many rely on estimates and guesstimates. And just the courage of conviction.Playing QuirkyWith over 1000 questions this really is a game which seems new every time. In a compact box, it takes up little space in the cupboard and is perfect for dropping in your bag for train journeys and holiday fun. 

Quirky retails at £14.99 and is available in toy stores and online retailers.

Disclosure: We received Quirky for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are our own.

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