Project Mc2 Doll with Experiments – Review

Project Mc2 doll with experiment review

This half term we were lucky enough to receive one of the new Project Mc2 doll with Experiments to review. CM is a true Project Mc2 fan, which I’m only too happy to nurture. E’s love of science makes my brain hurt (spot the arts student!) and he obsessed with trying to understand how chemistry works. So reviewing Ember from the new Project Mc2 doll with Experiments range caused so much excitement.Project Mc2 doll with Experiments ReviewMy brother is a tattooist, and whilst I can’t prove the link (especially because I have a tattoo) E is absolutely obsessed with tattoos. In the Easter holidays E decided to cover himself in tattoo transfers, which were a nightmare to remove.

Ember’s Glitter Tattoos as her Project Mc2 Experiment are absolutely fantastic. I’m sure you know from our other reviews of the Project Mc2 range, the dolls with experiments rely on having a number of ingredients around the home.Ember glitter tattoos

Fortunately, this was a doll I actually had the additional items. Yes, is seems I have washable glue, cornflour, a makeup brush, (cheap) foundation, a mixing bowl, spoon and measuring cup. And I have to be honest, it was a straightforward experiment. School dependent, it’s one for the Friday evenings and school holidays. Whilst it washes off a darn-sight easier than tattoo-transfers, if your children love their designs they need the time to enjoy them.

And as for Ember, of course CM loved her. she couldn’t have arrived in more perfect time than for CM’s first festival (my dress may have been out-rated by Amber’s!).

I have to admit to being more of a fan of this doll that the others in CM’s collection. This is mostly to do the items needed to the experiment actually being in my cupboards. With the bonus I’m happy to recreate them (we also have an endless supply of glitter). This makes the doll reach over the mark in my value for money equation.

Retailing at £24.99, they are comparable with other dolls CM has sought. Other dolls have their highlights, with Project Mc2 dolls they do as they say on their description – they come with experiments.Project Mc2 Ember with experiment dollThe experiments, like the Netflix series the dolls are based on, are each associated with S.T.E.A.M. and this is obviously what ticks my box and makes E so enthused. To have a doll which a child enjoys using their imagination for play as their key purpose. The additional benefit – engaging science and arts is a key positive.

The children love Ember and, as dolls go, she has my recommendation too.

Disclosure: We received a Project Mc2 doll with Experiments – Glitter Tattoos with Ember Doll – for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are our own.

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