S.T.E.A.M. with Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag

Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Lipstick

November 8th is S.T.E.A.M. day – celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. CM was excited and intrigued to receive the Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag.

I get to live a life of both worlds, promoting the importance of technology and engineering based subjects on a daily basis. Sensing that it is within the freedom and creativity which the arts brings that success is possible. As such I don’t mind what career paths my children pursue, as long as they have passion for what they choose.

Project Mc² is a Netflix series, a group of friends who are on a secret mission to make sure S.T.E.A.M. subjects are appreciated as being cool, that cool is smart. The group of girls are part of a secret organisation – NOV8 (you know what they did there, don’t you?). NOV8 undertake secret missions- anything from Cyber Bullying to technological blackouts.Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag CM received the Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag – as worn by Adrienne Attoms in the show. As well as this review, also check out this review by Yeah Lifestyle.

The bag contains a forensic fingerprinting kit, an air blower disguised as a perfume bottle, a magnifying glass hidden in a make up compact, a torch hidden in a nail polish bottle, a secret message launcher disguised as a lipstick, test tubes for fun experiments, and lots of nooks to secure spy secrets.Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag ContentsCM loves the science feel to the kit, feeling like she could concoct any manner of medicines to fix things- like Roald Dahl’s George. She especially likes the lipstick and nail polish. Because these are the ultimate spy tools- a torch and secret message launcher.Project Mc² Ultimate Spy LipstickThe favourite by far though was the finger printing detection. To the extent I wonder where I am about to be detected next.

Finger printing does require the need for cellotape, which can be stored in one of the handy doors of the handbag. Between fingerprint dust, the diffuser, cellotape and cards it is possible to make a record of all prints found. Uh oh.Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag Fingerprint kit
CM loves this kit, and loves the Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag. With a retail price of £39.99 (available from retailers such as Toys R Us) it is the more expensive of presents. But it does offer value, and a range of uses for children. It is one of those gifts which has such a range of uses for a child which justifies the price tag, as well as other Project Mc² products to sit alongside it.

What do I wish? I do wish it was a little less girly. I wish it was a fun unisex product, probably because I wish there was a similar product for the boys. Equality is a difficult thing when NOV8 make products like this aimed at getting girls into S.T.E.A.M. But other than making it into a green and purple backpack (the first things which came into my mind), it really is everything CM loves and introducing her to school subjects in a way she can absorb.
Project Mc2 STEAM DayDisclosure: We received a Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag for the purpose of this post. All opinions, views and words contained are our own.

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