Pottery Cool Studio from Spinmaster Review

Pottery Cool

The Pottery Cool Studio is the perfect gift for children who love to make and craft. The Pottery Cool Studio from Spinmaster is aimed at children age 6+ and all three of mine (aged 6 and 7) loved creating using clay. Pottery CoolThe Pottery Cool Studio comes with everything you need to get started (you will need to have 4x C batteries). The potter’s wheel, tools, clay and paints mean that you’ll have enough to work up four designs. A trip to Hobbycraft (or any other craft shop) will mean you can stock up on air drying clay to keep your potters happy.Pottery CoolWhen given the choice of activities the children can do with mummy, ‘make’ or ‘bake’ are guaranteed to be the top two. Both are restricted to my patience levels, and how much of a mess I’m willing to clear up. 

I was a little nervous in bringing out the Pottery Cool Studio. Adding clay to painting surely wouldn’t be problem free?

Oddly, surprisingly, it was really contained. The biggest mess is created on your child’s hands and the water spray. Making an obstacle route to the nearest sink will keep you sane. And it’s an activity which lasts longer than an afternoon. I do love projects.Pottery CoolOnce your Pottery Cool Studio has batteries added, you are all good to go. With some clay and the wheel and you should be off to go. I did operate a process of using as much water as possible. This does create the mess, but the clay needs to be moulded and handled, without water it just cracks and breaks.

It is the water which creates the residual mess, and all of the fun. Pottery CoolThe best thing about the Pottery Cool Studio is in setting your children’s imaginations free. The Studio comes with a cone mould and a ‘pot’ mould. I couldn’t help but wonder where my 6 year-old was heading as he created his cone mould and added holes and lines.

And once it would dry and he set to painting it, with a very clear vision of what colours he wanted I have to admit to being confused.

Until his sister started singing: “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”Pottery CoolAnd I was left amazed.

His sister created a place to keep her most special things. And painted it in a way to represent this, a treasure to hold her treasures.Pottery CoolAt 6 and 7 years, I did find the children needed help to work the clay and make the wheel work for them. And this was a part of my love of this craft. It wasn’t me creating something, nor me leaving them to create something. It was a family activity.

Retailing at around £40 it is an expensive craft toy. But it is not the kind of craft toy that you make and you are done with. The pottery wheel is fantastic, using the moulds or not. Stocking up on clay and paints means there is always something to do at home on a rainy afternoon. 

And when have you ever had enough pots for all of your trinkets? This has the ability to make beautiful handmade gifts for all of your family!

The Pottery Cool Studio is the perfect craft activity for families. It offers children a great way to explore their imagination and creativity.

Disclosure: We received the Pottery Cool Studio from Spinmaster for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are my own.

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