Num Noms Series 3 – Unboxing

Num Noms Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe Pack

How excited were my three children to get a sneak preview of the all new Num Noms Series 3. Num Noms Series 3 is released today (Boxing Day) and the children were lucky enough to receive the Num Noms Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe Pack.Num Noms Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe PackThe Num Noms Series 3 Lunch Box contains 13 Num Noms. The children were quick to decide who would have Piney Apple, Swirls Lolly, C.C Candy and friends. I have to admit my favourite was Eda Mama with Pea & Pod. 

The Num Noms are scented, making extra fun- especially in the decision-making process. As well as that there is a stamp and an eraser Num Nom. So much variety, which created so much fun for my three little people.

Does it go without saying that CM was quick to ‘own’ whatever the mystery bag would bring? Of course, it was the very sweet Mallow Erase-It.Num Noms Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe PackThe great thing about Num Noms is how much they keep children entertained- and I’ve absolutely no idea why.

Fortunately the packaging becomes a really handy storage case, which means, unlike other toys in our home the Num Noms are staying safe. The storage case seems to become as many locations as the children’s imagination wants to take them and it’s always entertaining to hear the characters they create.Num Noms Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe PackWe were also lucky enough to receive some other new Num Noms products. The brand new Lights series has been an absolute hit with the boys’. We are trying to wean them off night lights and these have been a great toy as well as comforter to them.

CM claimed the Num Noms Lip Gloss Mystery Pack as her own. I loved the packaging on these individual packs, with the lights resembling milk cartons and the lip gloss a yoghurt pot.Num Noms Series 1 Mystery Pack and new Lights seriesThe Num Noms Series 3 Lunch Box Deluxe Pack retails at £16.99. With 13 pieces it is value for money, probably to  either kick-start a collection or to save pocket-money toward.

With the knowledge of my children’s spending habits (short-term), the Num Noms Lights Mystery Pack at £3.99 or the Lip Gloss Mystery Pack at £2.99 is something which I know pocket-money will be spent upon.

I have no doubt of the popularity to Num Noms, like so many other collectables which my children love. The price makes them affordable, and the new series offers more than enough to keep them engaged.

Disclosure: We received the products detailed in this post for the purposes of the review. All opinions and words contained are our own.

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