My Little Pony: Putting Your Hoof Down #Review

At 6 years old, My Little Pony is the consistent in CM’s life, so arriving home from school to the latest DVD in the Friendship is Magic series was always going to earn me brownie points.
My Little Pony DVDWhilst I’m never quite sure whether CM prefers the traditional My Little Pony or Equestria Girls I’m quite a fan of the themes both promote, especially compared to other programmes aimed at her age group.
My Little Pony Putting Your Hoof Down DVD‘Putting Your Hoof Down’ focuses on Fluttershy and the need to manage confidence, the right time to be assertive, and the fine line with being bossy and mean.
A key message for CM both in her behaviour and accepting seemingly ‘bossy’ friends, I do love when she manages to piece some of the messages together, and sometimes these interpretations are also a source of good humour.
With CM’s favourite, Twilight Sparkle playing a key role, the episodes are, as always, enough fun to balance the messages.

As well as the title episode, the DVD also includes Hearts and Hooves Day, A Friend in Deed, It’s About Time and Dragon Quest. With a running day of 90 minutes it will perfect for the dvd player in the car over the summer holidays, and is a great motivator of an episode a day after school.

My Little Pony: Putting Your Hoof Down is released on DVD and Digital Download on 6th July 2015.

CM received a copy of the DVD for the purposes of this review.

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