My Fairy Garden – Woodland Fairy Door

When first looking at the Interplay My Fairy Garden Range I struggled to see anything my children wouldn’t love. So enchanted by the idea of fairy tales the children see the link to favourite stories in everything.
When we received the Woodland Fairy Door I didn’t know whether to hide it from them to create make-believe or to let their imaginations do the work. I decided to go with the latter and to let them have the fun of unboxing it. Unknowingly, we discovered that the boys had never seen a squirrel before (I’m so sure they have), but to them the fairy was accompanied by a beaver. I gave up trying and went with it.Interplay Woodland Fairy DoorThe Fairy Door arrives with options to allow for indoor and outdoor use. With wall mounts and sticky fixers for giving your door an indoor home, there are two stilts for creating homes in the woodland.Interplay Woodland Fairy DoorThe next thing which happened (which I need to apologise for it you spot the design in the photographs) was the boys felt the need to ‘customise’ their door (far too many YouTube videos), and using the current favourite colour of coch (red) and one of mummy’s sharpies went to work (totally unbeknown to me obviously!).
And yes, I know a bit of hairspray would clean up the door, but I love that they’ve “made it their own”, and that they were so eager to take it on our holiday, because they knew the perfect park for fairies.
Interplay Woodland Fairy DoorTodmorden’s Centre Vale Park has the best trees. When CM was born it used to be our favourite walk as the leaves create a bridge over the path and seemed to hypnotise her to calmness.
Now, years on, it’s a place of adventure. Of fairy tales.
And so, we whiled away an afternoon with the fairies and woodland creatures, which were created by those received, but expanded upon in the imagination.
The children were selective about the trees which the fairy door could be placed upon. It seemed only special trees held the secrets of fairytales.

And after time spent with their imaginations, I can’t wait to find out which other parks hold trees, which hold secrets.
The Interplay – My Fairy Garden – Woodland Fairy Door retails at £9.99. Boxed with a fairy and squirrel, two stilts to support the door when used outdoors, and double-sided stickers for indoor use. A template to create the background to the door is also provided.
For us, the door is value for money. We will have a great deal of fun with this over the months as we explore parks and woodland areas, especially as the weather improves.
When the children eventually find new ways to put their imagination to use, I will find a place for the Door in our home. To introduce new friends and motivation, to find more ways to explore their imagination.Interplay Woodland Fairy DoorYou can see more about the range on the My Fairy Garden video:
Disclosure: We received the Interplay – My Fairy Garden – Woodland Fairy Door for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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