The original MOKURU – the new craze in toys

Mokuru Fidget Craze

It didn’t take long for our school to notify parents that fidget spinners weren’t welcome in school. It wasn’t a surprise really. The craze saw my children completed committed to how long they could spin. Quickly followed by an obsession for the latest fidget spinner designs.

So, yes, I became the best mum ever when a MOKURU arrived in the post. MOKURU is the latest craze from Japan, a fantastic wooden toy. I have to admit being described as a desk toy gave me the excuse to have a go, and get completely obsessed.Mokuru Fidget CrazeMOKURU is already big in Japan, so much so there are already lots of fakes available. But you can tell why MOKURU isn’t easily copied.

Crafted out of beech wood it needs a perfect balance to have any hope of replicating the videos. This toy is another which is easily manipulated if you have dexterity on your side. It fits easily in your pocket (B may have taken his into school more than he’s admitted). It is great for playing on any flat surface- my desk and the school playground are fast favourites at the moment.Mokuru Japanese toyWe have the Matcha, which is green. The children are already eyeing up the other colourways- Black (Genbu), Orange, (Kirin) White (Byakko), Red (Suzaku), Blue (Seiryu) and Yellow (Inazuma).

MOKURU is fantastic to play on your own- learning how to flip across surfaces or even spin. The children having been addicted to the YouTube channel. They love the idea that it can become a team effort, sharing flips and adding speed to the fun.Mokuru Japanese toyI wasn’t sure how much of a hit this toy would be, but the enthusiasm that comes stumbling through the door each time the children add another spin to their record, or find a way of making a tag team effort take the distance the MOKURU can travel across the patio is contagious in their excitement. I haven’t broken the news that MOKURU masters can use five at once with one hand- we’ve got the summer holidays for that challenge!

The MOKURU is distributed in the UK by Peterkin and available in SMYTHS Toys and Amazon. You can find out more on Facebook.Mokuru craze from JapanDisclosure: We received a MOKURU for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are our own.

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