Moj Moj collectables

Moj Moj collectables

My children’s passion for collectables and blind bags is the one thing I can rely on. CM has never been a typical child, never into anything specifically. Until she discovered Shopkins. The excitement of blind bags quickly took hold, contagiously, and her brothers were also drawn in. Moj Moj collectables are the latest to hit toy shelves, and CM was already on trend.

Moj Moj collectables are brought to us by the company who dreamt up Nom Noms and LOL Surprise. And for CM, they completely played to her latest obsession of squidgies.Opening Moj Moj collectablesThe first Moj Moj series, named “😀” says goodbye to the typical numbered series and brings emoji’s to life. With over 95 unique Moj Moj to collect and trade, series “😀” features an assortment of limited-edition, rare and ultra-rare must-have Moj Moj from puppies to pandas and seals to starfish to poke, squeeze & squish. Family groups to collect include Adventure Seekers, Party Animals, Couch Potatoes, Happy Campers, Sun Bathers and Day Dreamers.A collection of Moj Moj collectablesMoj Moj blind bags contain two squidgies, retailing at £4. And in honesty, my family were a little disappointed. The Moj Moj characters don’t seem to be of a high quality, and for our home they don’t fit in.

The characters are of that really funny squidgy quality. The type that attracts every spec of dust and dirt. And that really isn’t for me, and fortunately isn’t for the kids either.Starfish Moj Moj collectablesAnd whilst some of the characters are the cutest, what they have in personality they lack in durability. The difference in the materials come to other collectables mean they haven’t stood the test of time in our home. For us, rather than be the type of toys which the children return to they really have been left to pick up the fluff.Squidging Moj Moj collectables First Moj Moj collectablesThere is something reinforced by these collectables. The reality that we are breeding outdoor children, and our home is probably too reflective of that. And it’s for the dirt under the fingernails and our two dogs and three cats which means these collectables aren’t for us.

And yes, it probably means that Moj Moj collectables are perfect for lots and lots of families.

Moj Moj collectables are available from The Entertainer.

 Disclosure: We received Moj Moj blind bags for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words contained are my own.

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