Kiddy Smartfix Car Seat Review

When we received the Kiddy Smartfix car seat a few months ago I was eager to test it thoroughly before writing my thoughts. Unlike most of my purchases car seats are an investment. Not only financial but also in terms of the safety of my little ones.

Retailing at £189.99 the car seat is an expensive purchase. And like buying anything, as soon as you have one you suddenly see them everywhere. Investing in a good car seat makes sense. Especially a Group 2/3 which can potentially see you through eight years of travel.

This year, warnings of changes in car seat legislation only serve to confuse me. Changes to legislation affecting the longevity of a child requiring a seat are forewarned. You can find a summary here, which makes things interesting if you have a tall, or light, child.

This makes the Kiddy Smartfix really interesting to me. I grow tall children. And whilst CM’s weight is in line with her height, the boys are slight. Being able to see how the child seat catered for taller children was of particular interest.Kiddy Smartfix car seatThe Kiddy Smartfix boasts 14 unique height and width adjustments and three leg support settings. This means it can seat children as tall as 150cm tall (the average 10-year-old is 140cm). From its original state the Smartfix can expand to become 9cm wider, 15cm taller, and 6cm deeper, the seat tailoring itself to the individuality of the child.Kiddy Smartfix car seat 7 yoCM is approximately 128cm tall, and I was surprised (as was she) at how comfortable she was. More surprising, because obviously the chair is not extended to its full potential. This is great news for us as generally CM is hugely uncomfortable in a standard child seat, seemingly being too tall.Kiddy Smartfix car seat extendedExtended, the chair looks the business in terms of safety. Becoming a parent means you quickly become a geek on car seats, what works, and what is practical.

When we bought our people carrier we looking for a car specific to our child seat requirements. Our VW Sharan has two inbuilt seats, with five point harnesses, head rests and boosters. The centre seat conversely has isofix, which has meant we’ve always had to keep a child seat in the centre.

With the Kiddy Smartfix you can understand why the children negotiate who gets to sit in the middle seat, more than happy to compromise on a window for comfort. 

And yes, the Isofix is so straightforward to use. I usually go on complete task avoidance when it comes to messing with an Isofix car seat. It maybe the confidence which comes with 7 years of parenting, but with the Kiddy Smartfix I’ve been more than content to move the seat across cars.Kiddy Smartfix car seat IsofixBecause, you just need to pop onto to Kiddy website to confirm the make and model of car for compatibility. 

So what of the seat? Well, I hope the telling signs are here within the review.

I love the safety of an isofix fitting. I’m impressed with how the seat caters for a child’s individuality. It’s ok if my child is not in keeping with age norms, the Smartfix accommodates this. I’m impressed with how Kiddy is mindful of side impact, suddenly making me think about how inbuilt seats show due consideration.

Most of all, probably because of the children, I love how comfortable it is. Predominately we do school runs and trips to Grandma’s. Over the summer break we’ve done longer journeys (3hrs) and regular one hour journeys. The child in the Kiddy seat has always looked most comfortable. And that’s it really. Comfort and Safety. Job done.Kiddy Smartfix car seat for a 5 year oldDisclosure: We received the Kiddy Smartfix for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions contained are our own.

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    Sabina @MummyMatters
    September 3, 2016 at 23:06

    We have used Kiddy Car Seats since our children were babies and have always been extremely happy with them. The boys still use theirs now. They offer great comfort, safety, versatility and practicality, we love them and recommend them to everyone we can 🙂 I was lucky enough to meet the family who created Kiddy Car Seats, I watched how they were designed and the safety tests they were put through. That cemented them for me!
    Sabina @MummyMatters recently posted…Sit back and relax with fun online bingo gamesMy Profile

  • Reply
    September 30, 2016 at 09:58

    We have a maxi cosi version that’s shaped just like this. It’s about the same price but I love it as it makes me feel like my big boy is safe and secure in it.

  • Reply
    August 30, 2021 at 18:59

    Hey there! Thanks for your review!

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