Keeping him happy with Hotter Shoes

It was inevitable that getting a puppy would result in Mr J getting more exercise. And with more walking comes an excuse for good shoes. Because Mr J really is like Imelda Marcos when it comes to shoes (and jackets too). When Hotter Shoes kindly sent him a pair of Thor Shoes especially for this task I knew it would be a tall order, Mr J is quite a fussy customer. He’s right to be, years of walking across the Pennines means he knows what he likes in footwear, and when it just isn’t going to stand up to the task.Thor Mens Shoes Hotter UKSo of course when the Thor shoe arrived Mr J was a little dismissive, happy of course to have new shoes (Imelda eat your heart out), but as they were offered to him rather than him carefully selecting a shoe, he was on the back foot. 

On his closer examination, he saw the magic words:Thors Mens Shoes with Gore-Tex from Hotter ShoesThor has GORE-TEX® guaranteed waterproof properties and we’ve learned the hard way that shoes with GORE-TEX® are a lot longer lasting and a lot comfier than shoes and boots without. Along with the high quality materials and stitching, Mr J was convinced.

Mr J has been wearing the shoes for about a month now, as the fact they could do with a quick polish shows.

I’ve been surprised at how often they’ve been on his feet.

Not just for taking the dogs out for walks.

But for the school run. For shopping trips. And really anytime it’s raining. Thors Mens Shoes from Hotter ShoesHis opinion? He likes them. They’ve definitely stood up to the weather. He’s surprised by how light they are. And they’re comfy. So basically all the things he looks for.

The comfort is the obvious thing you’d expect with Hotter, but for Mr J this took him by surprise. When throwing the words ‘light’, ‘supportive’, and ‘cushioning’ at him there were nods in agreement. Hotter has successfully combined the functionality of a good all-weather, all-terrain shoe with the Hotter values.

We’ve discussed the price tag. At £105 they are more expensive than a usual shoe. But then it becomes about quality. We would spend this on a good walking shoe- especially one designed to withstand the weather. So, they are definitely worth it if they continue to stand the test of the terrain and the elements as they currently demonstrating.Thors Mens Shoes with Gore-Tex from Hotter ShoesDisclosure: We were sent a pair of Hotter Shoes for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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    December 12, 2018 at 12:01

    I’ve been dying to get my friend the perfect pair of shoes, I’ve seen so many shoes similar to these. But these shoes are certainly the go-go.

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