Introducing Meegos – Fair trade collectables

Introducing Meegos - Fair trade collectables

Collectables are definitely a ‘thing’ I’ve learned from my children. It started with CM and Shopkins. It hasn’t stopped. Some make me cringe, some make me wonder what happened to my money. Whilst the cost of collectables varies greatly, I have to admit that if I see the value in them it makes me more willing to invest. So, whilst these are at the higher-end of our price point, I have to admit I’m hooked. Meegos – Fair trade collectables are not only perfect for my animal-loving family but offer an ethical purchase.Meegos familyYou can tell from their appearance that these are not the american styled plastic figures which my children are most often attracted towards. Meegos are unique in collectables I’ve seen. I have memories as a child of collecting Get-Along-Gang figures (plastic) and Disney figurines (china). Meegos are a fantastic inbetween.

Meegos are crochet craftwork pets, and will hit the UK market on the 12th April. Our preview has not only added some gorgeous additions to our trips out, but has also seen the displays of tenderness from our children.Meet Meegos Luna and DukeMeegos are handmade in Bagladesh through a non-profit Fairtrade organisation. The five-inch Meegos dog takes five hours to make with the Mini Meegos taking over an hour to crochet. Meegos series one has already created jobs for more than 4,000 women. The Fairtrade organisation is making a real difference in over 200 villages by bringing sustainable, regular and flexible employment for women.

Meegos are inspired by Amigurumi – the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. Which meant they completely appear to CM and her love of all things Japanese.Our Meegos familySeries One – Dogs & Pups – features six breeds of five-inch Meegos as well as 12 different Mini Meegos puppies. The Mini Meegos are blind boxed, creating the collectable quality for this brand. 

And once you’ve discovered your Meegos you can uncover their personalities, habits and family tree on the My Meegos website.

Series one includes three limited edition families of pups to collect, each come with a five-inch version and two Mini Meegos puppies. We were fortunate to receive a five-inch Duke, which means the children are even more obsessed with Meegos. They are eagerly trying to earn good points (and the resultant pocket-money) in the hope of finding Duke’s puppies.Unboxing Mini MeegosI do love these collectibles. They’re not going to get lost as easily as others. They’re made so fantastically well, that they just look like they should be on a shelf. Not stored in a box.

Whilst Series 1 is just reaching toy stores, plans are already in place for Series two – Wild Animals, anticipated later this year. I do hope this allows enough time for my children to make a dent in series one.

As mentioned, Meegos are at the higher price-point of the collectibles market. The five-inch Meegos are priced at £12.99 and the blind-boxed Mini Meegos at £6.99.

The question will be what you and your child want from a collectible. I’ve invested a significant amount in what is now a storage box full of collectibles for CM. At least Meegos do look absolutely beautiful and offer a fair trade option to collectable toys.

Meegos and Mini Meegos can be found at selected Sainbury’s and Debenhams stores from 12th April.

Disclosure: We received Meegos and Mini Meegos for the purpose of this post. 

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