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Having fun with the Johnson’s

Ok, so I never thought a game with the children could be this much fun.

160 years after its launch, one of the longest surviving games in the world is back, and in 24 great new special edition packs from Go For It Games.

A format of Happy Families / Go Fish cards, designed with clever illustrations and facts to provide added interest is a part of this celebration.

These new versions of Happy Families are available at an RRP of £6.99 and focus on the different stages and moments in life, divided into groups like “The Happy Family at Christmas”.

Each of these 24 new Happy Families packs are already personalised to a family name. So there’s a Happy Smith Families, Happy Jones Families and so on. If you have an unusual name then please bear in mind that these fab new Happy Families games make great gifts for fun-loving families with more common surnames. Giving “Happy Smith Families” to a family named Smith really goes down well.Go Fish for Johnson'sAs ‘Go Fish’, The Johnson’s had the children hiding their cards in various places around the room as soon as they realised their foible in laying them out in easy sight.

It all started calmly enough.Go Fish for Johnson'sAnd there was much excitement for the five year-old’s when they recognised the letters which make up their surname.Go Fish for Johnson'sAnd I was really impressed with the fun facts which made up the different colour-ways. Go Fish for Johnson'sMost of all I loved the passion it brought out in my children.

I loved how excited they got.

I loved how they quickly picked up the colour combinations- or using numbers when the colour-ways were too close to call.

I loved how much they enjoyed (ridiculously enjoyed) giving the instruction ‘Go Fish’. Go Fish for Johnson'sThat they are of the age where being competitive is ok.

But not always getting it makes humour creep in.

I loved that their compassion for sharing cards sometimes gets the better of their competitive side.

But still, regardless they love to win.Go Fish for Johnson'sThe opportunity to introduce my children to a card game was one which held a place in my inner child. The competitive yet one who appreciated intellect one.

The fact they grasped it, enjoyed playing rounds with mummy, and were more excited to play a game solo.

Just makes mummy so proud.

A family game, a sibling game- much fun, much laughter, much hysteria unfolds.

Definitely. The chance to see the best in people.

I loved the chance to rediscover a card game I had forgotten.

This time in our name.

And maybe, it’s also available in yours?

To see which names are available, check out the Happy Families card game range.
These special edition Happy Families range are priced at £6.99 per pack but with the code JOHNSON10 you can get a 10% discount until the 24th December 2017.

Disclosure: We received ‘Go Fish for Johnson’s’ for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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