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Tod and Logan are firmly settled into our home and lifestyle now. They became a part of our family in September and we were keen to quickly establish ground rules. Having had Miller and Chase, learning many lessons, we wanted to be consistent from the outset. With the offer to review the Ellen Donut bed, fortunately some of the consistency has had mutual benefit. Tod and Logan have definitely enjoyed getting comfy with Scruffs.Comfy in the Scruffs Ellen bedDeciding to get two dogs at the same time has pros and cons. To me the greatest pro is that we will do all of this once. Some of the cons include the vets bills for the early days, as well as having siblings. I definitely should have learned some of these lessons from being a mum to twin boys!

We’re really fortunate in that Tod and Logan toilet trained really quickly. Like bringing up children, this can be really arduous, but in the same way as I went away with work and came home to puppies, I also went away with work and came home to toilet trained puppies.

Our other decisions included that Tod and Logan would sleep in the kitchen. This was one thing we were quite relaxed with previously. We had Miller pre-children, and lived in a three-storey house. Our kitchen felt too far away, and Miller generally slept on the floor in our room. Post-children, and with Miller and Chase, we were still pretty relaxed. Again, this had its pros and cons. 

Very quickly we agreed Tod and Logan would sleep in the kitchen in the home we now live in. We also know we’re growing big dogs. And yes, they’re definitely not the small/ medium dogs we agreed on… Sleeping in the kitchen is practical. We’re also aware that, whilst the dogs are sharing a bed at the moment this might not continue.

Fortunately, the large Ellen donut bed has plenty of growing space. Like watching the boys grow into their cots, I’m a little broody knowing how much they will eventually fill their bed.Scruffs Ellen Donut BedWhilst Tod and Logan are in the kitchen together at nighttime and whenever we’re all out of the house, there’s a reality that we don’t want them to be in kitchen when we are home.

Our Scruffs bed is currently situated in our living space. It’s perfect because it means it’s a lot easier to encourage them not to jump on the sofas that they have a better alternative.

The Ellen Donut bed keeps the puppies comfy as they get to lie on textured faux fur. For us it co-ordinates with our lounge, with its contrasting tweet cover. I love watching Tod and Logan snuggle up, even though their first instinct on our approach is to expect treats.Appreciating the Ellen Donut BedThe bed has other benefits. Once we have some routines established, and assuming the dogs will grow, the Ellen donut bed will move into the kitchen. The donut bed has a non-slip base which will be needed on the tiled floor.

Another benefit of the Ellen donut bed is that it is machine washable at 30 degrees. I’m so pleased. The bed the dogs currently have in the kitchen is a plastic base with blankets, on the basis the blankets can be washed. That the whole bed can be put into the washing machine is a definite plus. Another plus of the bed is that it is filled with 100% recycled green fibre filling.Room for two in the Ellen donut bedI’m so pleased with how well the bed has been adopted by Tod and Logan. Admittedly they fight in it as much as the sleep in it (oh, the joy of siblings!). They definitely appreciated how comfy the bed is, and given how many toys they’re trying to hide in it, they’ve wholeheartedly adopted the bed as theirs.

I love how much it fits into our home, in appearance and necessity. It looks comfy- our human twins certainly love to snuggle in it when it’s vacant- creating their most convincing dog personas.

Scruff’s Ellen Donut Bed is available in three colourways (Pink, Grey and Tan), and in sizes medium and large. The Ellen range is also available as mattresses.

Disclosure: We received the Ellen Donut Bed for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions contained are our own.Scruffs Ellen bed

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